December 7, 2017

Some Quick Tips to help us stop Stressing over Money.

When was the last time you worried about getting eaten by a bear, dying from a common cold, or actually freezing or starving to death?

Likely (since you’re reading this and obviously have access to a computer), not any time recently.

Yet, although you have likely not been in an actual survival threat any time recently, you probably have experienced your body’s survival response.

The most likely trigger? Money.

Many of us experience our bodies kicking into that fight-or-flight survival mode when we are trying to make a sale, or withdrawing money, or looking at our bank statement.

This is because in our brains, our money is still very closely linked to survival.

Although this is likely untrue, your body thinks that if money isn’t coming in, you’re not going to survive. Which is why we get all palm-sweaty and nervous when we think about money.

Living with this sort of survival stress takes a major toll on our nervous system. It drains our adrenals, elevates our blood pressure, and produces stress hormones.

For a few tips on how to mitigate financial related stress, watch this short video:





How to Stop Worrying About Money.

4 Steps to Fostering an Abundant Mindset & Life.


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