January 8, 2018

January’s Roller-Coaster New Moon in Capricorn (with the end of the Eclipse Season & 6 planets going direct!) Brings Much Needed Changes.


**Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

On January 16th (or 17th depending on your location), the new moon will be in the sign of Capricorn, the sign of ambition and goals, and will be bringing with it conflicts that result in some much needed endings.

Areas of our lives that may be affected include: our relationships, friendships, careers, lifestyles, travel plans, and our domestic situations.

During the period between January 14th and 16th, there will also be a magnificent amount of planetary energy in the atmosphere, as six planets will be sitting in Capricorn—a rare occurrence.

The six celestial bodies are the moon, the sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto, and Saturn. Each has their own unique energy signature, so thanks to this celestial placing and the culmination of emanating energy, we can expect a rollercoaster few days!

Not only will the Capricorn moon and the accompanying planets be influencing us on a major level, we will also be cosmically affected by the developing eclipse energy, as this is the last significant moon phase before we enter a new set of eclipses for the year, which begin on January 31st and end on August 11th.

What this means is that we’ll be finding closure on everything that has occurred during the past six months, before we start a new six month eclipse chapter with new and vibrant energy. As it’s also the beginning of a new year, it is the ideal time to be proactive and start working on our plans and dreams for the year ahead.

One thing that many of us struggle with when dealing with endings is knowing whether we should try harder and hold on to something or someone, or whether it is time to surrender to what is not meant to be, and lovingly let go. Only we have the answers to that, and the only way to really know whether we are making the right decisions is to silence the mind, go within, and listen to what our inner soul is telling us—without fear or attachments.

What makes this exceptionally difficult is that this new moon will be causing many of us to feel extreme fatigue and experience mood swings. We may find ourselves irritable, not thinking clearly, deliberating, and switching sides from one end of the scale to the other at breakneck speed. We may find ourselves caught up in domestic dramas or futile disagreements, failing to see eye-to-eye with those around us.

This is why it is essential to rest during this period and hibernate away from much of the highly-charged energy around us, as much as possible, and, if this means spending the day in total solitude, then so be it. What’s important is taking the time necessary for reflection, emotional and mental health, peace, and well-being.

Although moon phases can be disorientating, they have an incredible amount to teach us. Therefore, it is vital that we soften our environment and ensure we are energetically in the right space to absorb lunar energy and pay attention to what it is trying to tell us.

This is the optimum time to look at whatever is causing disharmony in our lives, and to discern whether it is of our own doing, or is created by our circumstances or those around us. It is possible that rather than anything external causing friction or discomfort, it may just be our own thoughts and feelings that are making it immensely difficult for us to feel at ease and in harmony with life.

Whatever the cause, this new moon is going to be offering many of the answers, but only to those willing to be vulnerable enough to open to it and listen.

The extra push that is needed to get our energy moving forward is due to all the planets now going direct, so if ever there were a time to set intentions for the next six months, and specifically focus on outlining what we hope to achieve, it’s now.

Our intuition, sensitivity, and insight will be heightened on the new moon so take note to introspect, meditate, and reaffirm faith in our inner wisdom and ability to know what’s best for our soul journey. The steps we take now will cause major shifts in our lives that can catapult us toward amazing happenings, as long as we are rational, grounded, and balanced when making decisions. This is why it is always advisable to not be impulsive and wait a day or two after the new moon’s unpredictable and intense energy has settled before putting new plans into action.

In many ways, this new moon will feel overwhelming, but mostly that is due to the closing of the six month eclipse energy. Everything will feel as though it is coming to a head at once. While a variety of things may be crying out for our attention, it is vital that we only do what’s necessary so that the majority of our time and energy can be spent taking care of ourselves. This is not selfish—it is self-preservation and though others may not see it that way, the people around us will benefit too if we are able to take time out from demands and responsibilities for at least a few hours while the moon is new.

This will also highlight how much giving we are doing and how much taking everyone else seems to be doing, so again, it is another timely reminder to learn to say no to what isn’t urgently calling us, and instead tend to our emotional needs, prioritise commitments, and nurture and nourish meaningful, mutually respectful relationships.

Revelations about our circumstances will be coming to us thick and fast, and could cause us to recoil from loved ones as we attempt to make sense of our place in other people’s lives. We will likely notice that our relationships are being tested, which may result in us seeing the truth about those who aren’t authentic or sincere in their dealings with us. Particularly, we will see straight through the masks of those whose intentions and motivations do not match their words.

Overall, when there is genuine, mutual care, we can work through any disagreements and conflicts, and this will lead to strengthening and deepening our most valuable relationships.

New moons are for new beginnings, but this one, specifically, with the accumulation of cosmic energy, is also bringing endings. The saying “when one door opens, another door closes” will most certainly be ringing true in the days ahead.

As with everything moon related, it is all for our highest good, and that of those around us. So although major change and transformation is on its way, there is nothing to fear, as long as we stay mindful and aware and don’t react irrationally to the turbulent and potent energy swirling around.


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Author: Alex Myles
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