January 23, 2018

Elephant has some Big News:

Did you hear? Facebook is killing news. So that’ll be really damaging to what little is left of quality independent media and journalism.  

So we did something fun. We just created Elephant:Now. It’s easy, but it took a lotof work. What is it? Now you can post instantly. Post an article. Post a story. Post a poem. Post a video. Just copy paste any YouTube or Instagram link if you’d like to share a meaningful fun or important video or image.

Want to try it? Click below.

Post to Elephant:Now: it’s like posting on Reddit or a Facebook Status.

More info:

Elephant is a community. It’s yours. It’s not ours. Unlike a Facebook status, or Instagram caption or a tweet, we’re  independent, and mission-driven. You wrote once (or more) for Elephant. Now, you can write instantly: try it out…now.

Dear Writers,

We will always publish an online “magazine”—writers working with our team of editors to steward helpful articles for the greater good.

But now, to combat Facebook killing news, we’re offering Elephant:Now: the ability to post statuses, poems, videos with commentary, thoughts…anything you like, now. Elephant:Now.

The submission form will look a lot like the one you’ve already seen, but there’s a big difference: Your mindful ideas, photos and videos will appear on Elephant Journal as soon as you hit publish.

Once your article is live, you’ll get a link so you can share it up with your loved ones and community. The Elephant Editors will be on the lookout for great writing, and we’ll promote stuff we like to the larger Elephant audience of 5 million mindful people. Those articles will be available for payment, and you can then become a columnist.

May it be of benefit!

Yours in the Vision of Enlightened Society,

Waylon H. Lewis
Elephant Journal

More info:

Explanation for editors primarily of Elephant:Now:

I invite your questions, concerns and ideas now, here, and any time in the future–we’re going to create the new Elephant together. The old Elephant, as discussed prior and above in this video will continue, and get better even.

Elephant:Now: how to use it and what it isn’t.

As you may’ve noticed the first part of the Elephant Ecosystem is live! After 9 years we’re finally seeing quality manifestation. So you can now share instantly to Elephant Journal (try it out and let us know how it can improve).

Winning posts will be promoted to our “magazine section” with free editing services via our editorial department. Magazine section is where reader’s article/poem/photos are eligible for payment.

Contributors to Elephant:Now can copy paste youtube and instagram links into your poem/article/review of a video. The idea is that 90% of folks, like say my buddy Dave, don’t consider themselves writers. But they share great insightful thoughts on FB and Insta or Twitter—huge corporations that care little for our society or your privacy. And these friends who don’t consider themselves writers should express themselves. They should be a part of the Elephant community, and not only as readers.

This opens the bottleneck so folks can share to a “Grassroots” section and then the best of that we editors will select for promotion, cultivation of authors into Magazine and becoming columnists. Make sense?

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