February 19, 2018

A Heart-Stirring Poem for those who wish they could Start Over.


I doubt life was ever
Meant to be lived
As one perfect whole
With a beginning
A middle
And an end

How dull.

Rather than growing stale
Settling like dust
I wish we’d all aim to
Live a thousand lives
Within a lifetime
Evolving into new forms
Shape-shifting through existence
With each new lap around the sun
Shedding old skin that
No longer fits
That we’ve outgrown
To make space
For expansion
For cultivation
For new thoughts and traits
For new adventures
New hobbies, new dreams
For deeper, fiery love
And friendship
At whichever stage
And in whatever form
It might appear

As long as we’re still here
We can find ourselves
Anew each day

How beautiful is that?


Author: Ernestine Mager
Image: Author’s Own
Editor: Catherine Monkman
Copy Editor: Nicole Cameron
Social Editor: Nicole Cameron

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