February 14, 2018

A Valentine for the Discarded. {Poem}

Happy f*cking Valentine’s, 

To all you wounded souls,

Whose heart was full and rich and red,

Before the bullet holes.

Today is just another day, it’s not for you to frown.

Because we know it wasn’t you

Who turned your smile upside down.

So calm your nerves,

Play some tunes,

Draw yourself a bath.

And feel for the person who’s sitting with

Your former psychopath.

Your Valentine’s your freedom,

From the vile and vitriol.

And your healthy mind and body,

Is living free and standing tall.

So who gives a f*ck about chocolate, cardboard hearts, and pretty flowers

When you’ve fought to get your confidence back,

You no longer need to cower.

So happy f*cking Valentine’s

You beautiful goddamn warrior!

Your Valentine gift isn’t coming,

So don’t be looking for that courier.

He won’t be there…

He’s dropping off another candy heart.

But don’t be sad, because yours is real,

And life’s about to f*cking start.


Author: Bill Rugg
Image: Sandy Manase/DeviantArt
Editor: Lieselle Davidson
Copy Editor: Emily Bartran

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