February 5, 2018

For the Ones who are (Almost) Ready to Feel it All.

Gently unfolding.
Peeling away
the untruths, misinformation, and misperceptions.

Feeling deeply into the body.

All the flowing.
The knowing.
The pain.

The chronic anxiety.

The blockages that halt everything
until we make the space to go within
and address them.

Finding self again,
after having been in the world for far too long
without dipping inward
to replenish.

Too busy.
Too rushed.
Too stressed.

Not enough breath to breathe.


While inwardly…
an explosion of expansion.
Vibrating ever more fervently
just beneath the surface.

Pure potential—aching, itching, crying to be free.

Almost ready.
Almost ready to be ready.

Everything that is meant to be,
it cannot not be.

Shifting back to center.

An unfolding,
inching back into a state of grace.

Inching back into the sanctuary of the inner wilderness.
Back into spirit.

Finding Source
and re-Source-fulness.

Finding the give, within, to love again.
Not just one person, family or friends…
but all people.

for the wellspring that feeds eternally.

The unutterable Source,
accessible within.




Author: Cat Simmons
Image: Caique Silva/Unsplash
Editor: Nicole Cameron
Copy Editor: Travis May

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