March 15, 2018

4 Domestic Tips for the Modern House Witch.

More and more women are working from home.

More mamas are feeling empowered to stay home with their babies—and so, many are wanting to launch a “work from home” business. As we are turning the home into a place of empowerment, a canvas for a minimalist lifestyle, and a place to restore, it is no wonder that there is an interest in bringing a sense of magic and spirituality into that as well.

Maybe you are hopping on the hygge-trend train this winter and get cozy on the couch with some thick socks and blanket. Maybe you are a mama who is the primary caregiver to your little ones, and therefore, the home is your castle—your place to make magic.

Maybe you are just starting to get your toes wet with the world of woo-woo wellness, or maybe even just wet in an Epsom salt bath. Either way, here are some of my favorite ways to bring the mystical to the mundane!

Four ways to make the most routine household moments have a sense of magic, ritual, and fun:

1. Add essential oils to your cleaning routine. When you set up to mop your floor, add a few drops of essential oils to the bucket. Maybe lavender to give a sense of relaxation as you clean, or lemon to give a feeling of freshness. Want to raise the level of “witchiness” even more? You can make a “floor wash” or a “floor bath” by adding herbs to your mop water.

Whether you want to cleanse away old energies, welcome love into your home, or invite in prosperity, there’s an herb for that! Looking for something more simple or something to do daily? You can add a few drops of essential oils for aromatherapy to your dish soap as well. Using a plain Castile soap with a few drops of oils can make an otherwise boring chore uplifting and calming.

2. Clean up and clear. When you clean your home—whether it’s simply shaking the sheets and making the bed, picking up Legos for the millionth time, or just wiping down counters—you can take that moment to clean the energy as well. There are variety of ways to clear energy.

Many people choose to use smoke—either from burning a sage stick and using the smoke to clear, or using the smoke from a Palo Santo (holy wood) stick. If smoke medicine is not something that works for your family, pets, or roomies, you can get a Palo Santo essential oil spray (or even a simple rosewater spray) and use it to the same effect.

Not only will you be cleaning up your physical space (smudging has antibacterial properties), you will be cleaning up energetically as well.

3. Bring mindful to the mundane. Not every mindful moment needs to be in a yoga studio or on a meditation cushion. We can bring in a sense of mindfulness to almost every task. How? By simply being present and noticing your breath, noticing your senses, and noticing your mind wandering away from the present moment—and then gently guiding yourself back.

This can mean that when you are looking at a sink full of dirty dishes, you can try to just “be there.” No, this is not as glamorous as a meditation retreat—but it is an exercise in being present. You might even notice it as a chance to build a gratitude practice. You can be thankful for the dishes you and your family have used, as they represent many blessings that we all often take for granted in the hustle of everyday life.

You and your family have food to eat, you have plates to eat on, you have running water to clean with, and you have a home to eat together in. Simply bringing in gratitude can make a moment (if not more joyful) more mindful.

4. Create a sacred space. Yes, create a space just for you. As women (and especially as mothers), we tend to give and give—even when we are running on empty. We give our energy, our bodies, our time, and our space—and it can all start to feel like it belongs to someone else. The lines often become blurred, and it can be hard to keep your own boundaries, in terms of emotional space and physical space too.

Whether you are waking up with a little one in your bed at night and your “sleep sanctuary” is disturbed, or maybe your bathtub has been taken over by kids’ conditioners and toys, it can be hard to find a sense of peace, let alone magic! Boundaries in your space are important. This does not mean you need an entire room to yourself for yoga and meditation. (Of course, if you have the space, do it!) It just means that a little bit of space—dedicated to you and your own spiritual practice—can go a long way.

You might find a small space near your bed or an area in your living room where you can have some simple and soothing things to look at. It could perhaps be where you keep your mala, place your vision board, light a candle, and burn some sage. It does not have to be fancy, but simply claiming your spiritual space can have an impact much bigger than the physical space it occupies.

Women are waking up, little by little, to their own power, to the power of their ancestors, and to the overall magic and power to the divine feminine. Our homes, decor, and rituals are beginning to mirror that awakening. Here’s to building a home full of magic!



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Author: Logan Kinney
Image: Unsplash/Rachael Crowe
Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Copy editor: Catherine Monkman

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