March 13, 2018

Even Children Know it—Why the Gender Pay Gap Doesn’t Make Any Sense. {Video}

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Even children know it.

This video, which was posted by the American comedian Amy Schumer on her Instagram account yesterday, explains what is wrong with the gender pay gap in the simplest possible way:

“Molly, the reason you got less (candy) than Thomas, is because you are a girl.”

“What! That is weird!” Molly says and looks at the camera clearly confused—and disappointed. Thomas, who stands next to her looks now awkward, perhaps embarrassed.

Does the gender pay gap still exist? Yup, it does. But if even children (both girls and boys) agree that it is unfair, why don’t we get equal pay for equal work?

According to Fawcett Society, pay gap is a complex issues—there’s not just one answer to why it still exists in 2018. Here are few reasons:

Caring responsibilities. Women often care for young children or elderly relatives. This means women are more likely to work in part-time roles, which are often lower paid or have fewer opportunities for progression.

Divided labour market. Women are still more likely to work in lower-paid and lower-skilled jobs. Women currently make up 62 percent of those earning less than the living wage, according to the Living Wage Foundation.

Discrimination. The Equality and Human Rights Commission (ECHR) has previously found that one in nine new mothers were either dismissed, made redundant, or treated so poorly they felt they had to leave their job. This can create a gap in experience, leading to lower wages when women return to work.

Men still held most senior roles at a company. Naturally, these roles are the highest paid.

In the United States, the woman’s dollar is 79 cents, according to The Census Bureau. The gap widens by race, with black women earning 60 cents and Hispanic earning 55 cents to every white man’s dollar.

Sounds fair? Nope. But, as stated in the video, let’s work together to change that, to change the attitudes, and let’s demand more.

If we want to become CEOs, seek start-up fundings, start our own businesses, find ways to become entrepreneurs, we should do that. More and more.

Hopefully, these girls and boys won’t need to face the pay gap in their future. We can lead the way.


Author: Sara Kärpänen
Image: Amy Schumer Instagram
Copy & Social Editor: Travis May


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