April 2, 2018

How to Walk the Path of Mastery.


I’ve always loved reading the long-form pieces in The New Yorker magazine that focus on a specific person and her/his dedication to a craft or occupation.

Over the years, these features have provided a deep, vicarious, and rich glimpse into the mind, heart, and work of fishermen, hunters, craftspersons, fashion designers, filmmakers, scientists, writers, politicians, and assorted eccentrics.

Each was on the path of mastery.

And, even if what they were pursuing was of little interest to me, what is ever-fascinating is their whole-hearted commitment to mastery.

Why is mastery so beautiful?

I believe it’s because the wholehearted engagement that leads to mastery reminds us (even in reading about it) of what it means to be fully present, awake, and in love with life.

Many people confuse mastery with perfectionism.

But, that’s not it. Perfectionism is a path of tense, anxious effort.

Mastery, as this week’s Nano-Teaching suggests, is about falling in love.

NOTE: This teaching is excerpted from a complete 4-part program originally offered to the Wisdom Heart Community – which is open for new members. Learn more at www.wisdomheart.com.

Highlights from this teaching include:

>> The difference between loving the path & fixating on the goal.

>> How to be an artist of your life.

>> What it means to “let Life guide you.”

>> How to embrace the wisdom of the arising moment.

>> What to do when Life says. “No.”

Reflect & Share:

Where are you pushing against life?

What might that suggest about thoughts to let go of?

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Author: Eric Klein
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