May 8, 2018

We have the Choice to Awaken—but will we make It?

Awakening is a choice.

So, why would anyone choose anything other than awakening?

And yet, we do. 

Haven’t you noticed how easy it is to follow the path of habit—even when those habits of thought, speech, and action don’t bring you joy?

There are deeper capacities—of clarity, compassion, and courage—within you; but for these (and other life-enriching energies) to become a natural way of being, we need to cultivate them.

This nano-teaching video helps us explore how to cultivate those deep, sacred capacities, so we can fulfill our deepest destinies:

**Note: This is excerpted from a complete four-part program originally offered to the Wisdom Heart Community.

Reflect and share: what are the qualities that you choose to cultivate through meditation?

Please share in the comments below.



This is how Meditation Heals & Awakens Us.


Author: Eric Klein
Image: Unsplash/Austin Chan
Editor: Yoli Ramazzina
Copy editor: Nicole Cameron

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