June 11, 2018

June 11th-18th Energy Forecast: Have Courage & Manifest whatever you Desire.

*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


Currently, we are basking in the energy of zodiac sign Gemini, as the sun is temporarily resting in that sign.

The moon will be joining the sun and resting there from June 12th to 13th. Never is division and polarity more prominent than when the sun and moon cozy up and radiate outward from Gemini’s constellation. Therefore, this week we are likely to see flare-ups due to people having polar opposite opinions within personal relationships, sensitive topics, and in general anything that is current news this week.

It is beneficial to learn a little about the energy of the constellations, as when the sun, moon, or both are visiting them, we are all affected on an energetic level, regardless of which zodiac sign we were born under. Therefore, this week we will all feel the turbulence as Gemini influences our lives—and we will watch, in utter disbelief at times, as the entire world seems to be butting heads, due to extreme conflicting beliefs and opinions. 

Gemini is the sign that depicts the twin and represents duality, as well as a battle between emotions and intellect—the heart and the mind. The sign is also known for its unpredictability, so we never quite know which side will be shown. 

Gemini moon phases can feel like we’re on a rollercoaster ride—not just with our own diverse thoughts and emotions, but also due to being impacted by the constant switching sides of those around us. Therefore, we may be in for a few challenges where communication is concerned, as well as a few heated arguments—likely with loved ones—unless of course, we take deep breaths and refuse to allow others to trigger us and evoke irrational or emotional reactions.

Our sensitivity will be off the scale during this week, so we may feel compelled to respond to things we’d normally let pass. This may cause personality clashes and disagreements, and may even lead to closing doors on certain friendships or relationships. Though, if we are truthful, they are the ones we probably should have ended long ago due to the amount of turmoil they bring to our lives.

Even though much of what is occurring will likely feel personal at the time, it is mostly the cosmic energies that are causing all the pandemonium, so we don’t need to take everything to heart. Step back and observe—because although it may be tempting to “put people straight,” we will just get dragged into other people’s low vibrational chaos.

Every time we feel irritated about things that are happening around us, simply repeat this powerful affirmation: vibrate higher. The more often we do this, the less likely we will get drawn into futile arguments, and the more likely we will experience immense soul growth and flow past whatever (or whoever) is trying to distract us, disturb us, and bring us down.

The moon in Gemini on June 13th is conjunct eight major fixed stars, which are Bellatrix, Capella, Phact, Mintaka, El Nath, Ensis, Alnilam, and Al Hecka. The most significant of these is Mintaka, a binary star—and as it sits in the Belt of Orion it is thought we will benefit from good fortune, strength, energy, organisation skills, and happiness. 

Mintaka is also believed to offer protection to our loved ones—so although we may go through ups and downs with those closest to us during this week, if we focus and attune to the emanation of this star, it is thought to offer guardian energy that shields the ones we care about from harm. 

On June 18th, Neptune turns retrograde—and like with all retrogrades, many of us feel the energy intensely at least a week before it begins. Neptune is connected with spiritual awakening and transformation, so this week many of us may feel like we’ve had a huge wake-up call, as we start to see everything through clear eyes. 

Although this can be traumatic—as we suddenly see past all the illusions, falsities, and masks that have taken up a huge part of our lives, with either ourselves or those around us—it is also a major turning point and catalyst to throw us onto the tracks of authenticity, integrity, and truth. This means that rather than having relationships, or circumstances that are based on half-hearted interest, we will start to attract genuine and mutually considerate friendships and relationships, and experience raw soul connections and openhearted love like never before. 

We are constantly evolving—but this week we will notice that we transcend lessons far more quickly, as our evolution will be moving up a gear. We may even find that time seems as though it is speeding up, which is just a sign that we need to ground our energy, slow down, spend time in nature, drink plenty of water, and bring ourselves back to the here and now. 

We may also notice that new paths are opening up, and exciting opportunities are coming our way. It is vital that we take time to process everything that is happening and to learn from Gemini’s dual nature by listening to and balancing both the heart and the mind. Before we head forward, it is important that we ensure our whole being is in alignment with the direction we want to be going in—and that our mind, body, and spirit are all in agreement. Otherwise, we will inadvertently create mass confusion in our lives and find that we are unable to manifest effectively due to sending out mixed messages about what we want, desire, or need. 

One of the most significant things we will notice this week is that the choices we are faced with are vastly different. We are being called to communicate at deep levels with our intuition, as we are likely to be tested with situations or people that are connected to our past—or that test our resolve and push us to our limits. The choices we make ultimately determine how much we have grown and how intently we have paid attention to everything we have already been through—and whether we are willing to throw ourselves straight back into disarray, despite being older, wiser, and knowing better. 

When we make healthier decisions that are fueled with unconditional love for ourselves, we will see that our outer world manifests as an exact mirror reflection of how we feel inwardly. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, actions, and decisions are capable of creating beauty from trauma—we are masters of our destiny, and if we are currently unable to change our external life, we can change our internal life instantly. Then, slowly but surely, we will see how powerful we are—as once our energy changes, everything around us has no choice but to change too (which includes people as well, even if only subtly at first). 

Change is happening whether we take control of it or not; so it’s advisable to take hold of the reigns and steer our future in the direction that matches with our higher purpose, which is our ultimately our soul’s highest aims, hopes, and dreams for our time here on planet Earth.


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