June 5, 2018

Three Simple Ways to rid Plastic & Toxic Vinyl from your Daily Life.

Three Simple Ways to rid Plastic & Toxic Vinyl from your Daily Life.

Plastic is bad for you. It’s bad for our planet. It’s made of…petroleum, which causes wars and environmental devastation on the way in, and pollution and cancer (all those added chemicals to make it stretchy for your yoga pants/water bottle/plastic bag/can of beans don’t help) on the way out. And…it never goes away. Little sea creatures eat it, bigger fish it and eat them, and we eat fish.

There’s plenty of well-known ways to get rid of plastic (don’t use plastic water bottles, say. Skip the bag and bring a tote, say). I’m including vinyl, here, too.

Here’s three unusual ones, that are key, that I do every day:

1. Remember: No on vinyl, and that’s final (Umbra). Get rid of your vinyl/plastic shower curtain, and buy hemp (I got mine off of Etsy). In the winter, make sure the hemp shower curtain dries out over a vent. In the summer, make sure the windows are open and it air dries. I do this and it’s easy peasy. You don’t want hot water mixing with vinyl and your naked body.

2. Yoga pants. Stop wearing plastic when you exercise. Exercise = hot sweat + plastic + chemicals to make your clothes stretchy. This could apply to those plastic foam trucker hats, too. Wear natural fibers that can handle movement. Wear organic, or secondhand. Icebreaker is amazing for undies. Get plastic off your body (that goes for sunglasses, hats, shirts, shorts, socks, underwear…all of it. If it says poly…no good).

3. To-go coffee cups are plastic-lined, and bleached paper, usually. You don’t want to pour hot liquids in them and then pour those hot liquids in you. Bleach kills life downstream. Avoid all that. Instead, bring your own or enjoy for-here. Plastic cups, like those on airlines, are a no-no. Waxed paper cups are great for water and cold. Paper straws, or bring your own straw. The compostable plasticy stuff isn’t great, though it’s better than plastic.


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