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July 3, 2018

I respectfully disagree.

No one should tell anyone to be silent or “shut up and dribble.”


“Civility” isn’t about putting up with what others do.

It’s about our own code of integrity, and non-aggression.

But get this: there is no excuse to let injustice pass. Civility is not about shrugging. It’s about devoting one’s entire life to equality, justice, kindness, service with joy and sacrifice.

Needless to say, the GOP was not civil toward President Obama during his Presidency. They elected someone who openly questioned his citizenship—barely veiled racism. They attacked him and his wife at every turn.

“Over 50% of all Republicans believe Obama was not born in America and therefore was an illegitimate president. Nearly 2/3 Trump supporters believe Obama is a Muslim.

This is called racism.” #redditor

Recently, we posted a photo of a reader with her #makelovegreatagain hat from Elephant Journal. For the first time, this gently-veiled remonstration against our President Trump drew heated criticism from liberal readers: telling us that supporting civility is bullshit, telling us to take this image down, and even “take the hat down off of your store!”

First of all, you have a right to your opinion.

Secondly, no. I am Buddhist, and we practice non-aggression. Aggression feeds aggression. We do not view love as weak, or as giving a pass to injustice. Love is active, and powerful. We are proud to support dialogue, not aggression—we must be able to disagree with respect, not just feed the Trumpian flames of rancor & invective.

Thirdly, damn right: privilege must be acknowledged, not just sat on and selfishly used or guiltfully-worried over. It must be shared and used to be of benefit. This notion has been underlined by many, including my African-American sisters and brothers. We all have different forms of privilege, and shame will do no one any good. So use your life and energy and gifts.

Get the hat: elephantjournal.com/hats And if you don’t want it, or like it, I respect your opinion.

And, respectfully, I disagree.

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Read 1 comment and reply

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