July 6, 2018

The Gift of Boredom: how Dullness & Blah can Deepen your Meditation Practice.

As the pace of living has accelerated, the mind—your mind—has become more and more bored.

Not too long ago, it felt normal to wait a month to receive the next edition of your favorite magazine or comic book. These days, if what you want doesn’t download in seconds—arghhh! The irritation starts to build. Even a few seconds of waiting can feel excruciating.

Even more so, sitting still on a meditation cushion.

Breathing in, breathing out.
Repeating a mantra.
Sitting still.
Meditation can get really boring—hooray!


How can dullness and blah deepen your meditation practice?

That’s the question we explore in this Nano teaching which was curated from a longer Wisdom Heart Community program.


Note: This Nano teaching is excerpted from a complete four-part program originally offered to the Wisdom Heart Community  and is open to new members. Learn more here.

Highlights from this Nano teaching:

>> How the mind has been conditioned towards distraction.

>> Why our typical tactics to alleviate boredom will never lead us into the depths of consciousness we yearn for.

>> The power of embracing boredom.

>> How curiosity can transform boredom and your entire meditative practice.

>> The powerful realization: to break free of boredom, we must experience it completely.

>> How recognizing thought patterns such as boredom can lead to the next level of your awakening.

What is your relationship with boredom? Feel free to share here.

Love and Shanti,

~ E.

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