August 21, 2018

August 26th Pisces Full Moon: Finally—a Fresh New Chapter.


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On Sunday, August 26, there will be a mesmerizing full moon in the mystical, enchanting constellation Pisces.

This moon’s calm and serene essence is much-welcomed following months of chaotic and disruptive cosmic energies.

All moon phases hold a unique energy, mostly determined by the zodiac sign the moon is positioned in. They also each have a particular theme running through them, with each one significantly affecting us all to different degrees, largely depending on our individual circumstances and astrological birth charts.

Regardless of the zodiac sign we were born under, we will all be greatly impacted by this full moon, however those born when the moon or sun was in Pisces will be most influenced, along with Scorpio and Cancer, the two other water signs. 

This full moon will bring with it major soul growth, shifts, and awakenings, as Pisces is possibly the most spiritual of all signs. 

Pisces is a water sign, which rules the oceans, and, along with the moon, also reigns over our emotional bodies. This means that during this lunar period, we will feel as though we are swimming in the elements of refreshing, renewing, cleansing energy. Therefore, it is essential to eliminate any resistance we may be holding so we can flow freely when the moon pulls us, rather than aimlessly fighting against strong currents.

Pisces is also highly intuitive and notorious for bringing anything hidden directly into our conscious awareness, and for helping us see the difference between illusion, delusion, and reality.

We will be receiving regular downloads of information and profound insights that provide answers to things we have long been pondering. Some of these insights will bring relieving “ah-ha” moments while others will deliver shock and disbelief—but it is all for our highest good and advancement on our evolutionary journey. 

Pisces brings out our empathetic side and highlights our instinctive ability to tap into other people’s thought processes, emotions, and feelings—particularly with those who are empaths and hypersensitive to energy.

While the moon is fully illuminated in this sign, we will feel our emotions magnified as we absorb the happiness, pain, or anxieties of the people around us, as well as experience our own emotions at heightened levels. This means we will either feel much closer to those around us or feel repelled due to the intense vibrations radiating from them, so it is important to remember to put up boundaries and protect our energy if we are around people who could cause harm.

Pisces is a mutable sign, meaning it’s the 12th and final sign of the zodiac. It represents unity, the completion of a cycle, releasing old energy, and letting go of the past so we are prepared to move toward the next chapter—without carrying baggage.

This is particularly significant as Mars retrograde comes to an end the day after this full moon, and when Mars charges forward, we feel compelled to move with it, so the lighter we are, the swifter we can travel along our destined path.

With almost all of the major planets being in retrograde over the summer months, many of us will have felt stuck in certain areas of our lives, but things are about to drastically change as old energy clears and we suddenly feel revitalised, motivated, and empowered. As we’ll be feeling regenerated and recharged, and Pisces is the sign of dreams and imagination, nothing will stop us from plunging forward and manifesting the exact life we’ve been dreaming of. 

Pisces is mystical and associated with the dreamworld, so it is highly likely that in the few days leading up to and following this moon phase, we will be fantasising and daydreaming more than normal throughout the day. With our imaginations heightened, we may also experience realistic and prophetic dreams or possibly even nightmares that will be difficult to shake off and forget.

Life will feel spacey and surreal under Pisces’ dreamlike spell, and as we float off to the ethereal world and imagine a limitless existence outside our current dimension, we will find it difficult to remain grounded.

Despite how tempting it might be to lose ourselves in temporary escapism, it is essential that we keep one foot firmly on the earth and the other in the spiritual realm. We can do this by grounding and balancing our energy on a regular basis, as full moons are open portals that help us manifest our dreams and turn them into reality. 

Cosmic energy is supportive and offers divine guidance, therefore, we need to remain consciously aware and pay attention to all signs, synchronicities, and opportunities that come our way—so we are prepared to move fast as the moon magnetically pushes us in a new direction.

As we move into this exciting new chapter, we will also still be tying up old ends from the previous one, which mostly means old emotions will be rising to the surface so that they can be processed and healed. Pisces radiates immense healing energy and helps us cleanse the past, release trauma, and send forgiveness (both to ourselves and others), so we can move forward lighter, freer, and vibrating on a far higher frequency.

Therefore, it’s worthwhile making the most of Pisces’ compassionate healing vibe by taking time out to mediate, spend time in nature, go for a barefoot walk along a beach, or lie out under the midnight stars with a kindred soul while conversing about celestial events and the wonders of the universe.

While in a serene state, we can then breathe deeply, inhaling love and peacefulness, and exhaling tension and anything harmful from the past. 

Pisces is extremely receptive and perceptive. It allows us to see not only how we’d desire our lives to be and where we’d like to be heading, but if we remain clearheaded, we also gain insight and clarity about our current circumstances. This offers the opportunity to see how far from our ideals and goals we are—ultimately so we can consider which steps we need to take to reach them. 

To manifest the life we want to be living, we just need to take one step and one decision at a time, while checking in with our heart-centre, intuition, and rational thinking as we go. As we do this, it is important to regularly let go of the old, whether that’s old belief systems, harmful thoughts, dysfunctional relationships, or material items that we no longer need or use so there is wide open space to welcome the new. 

It is vital to remain hydrated during a Pisces full moon by drinking plenty of filtered water and also soaking in a bath with Epsom or Pink Himalayan salts added to it. It will also benefit us to spend time near water, if possible, so visiting a lake, river, or the ocean is highly recommend. It’s important to be aware that the moon charges water so our emotions may become far more enhanced when we are near it—thus providing the perfect conditions for a major moon detox, as water helps purge stagnant emotional energy from our system. 


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