August 24, 2018

Elephant is not what I call a Smoothie-Recipes-Site.

Elephant is not what I call a Smoothie-Recipes-Site.

We do cover smoothie recipes, and recipes for sustainably-farmed, ethically-sourced yummies. But we include focus on where that food comes from, and whether it’s actually healthy for you—not just a fad (I remember a few years back when I criticized gluten-free, and separately juicing and even kale—and our dear readers wanted to banish me to Elba).

We also cover yoga, and family, and the arts, and bicycling, and composting, and sex, and loneliness, and adventure, and meditation, and spiritual materialism…

We also cover politics. And when we do so, like clockwork, a few-or-many readers will shout at us, saying: “I don’t come here for politics, I come here for inspiration. Stick to what you’re good at!”

And, respectfully (because I get it, it can feel like we’ve taken a safe space for escape and peace away from you), I reply: “Well, politics affect equal rights, safe sex, food, poison in our earth and air, war, peace, business and education. And we all care about all those things.”

We don’t approach politics from a knee-jerk liberal point of view. We do respect science, and equality, and environmental responsibility, and peace. These are our values, whether supported by Nixon, Bernie, Eisenhower, FDR, Lincoln, Trump, Obama or Ocasio-Cortez. And we welcome all voices (unless your only desire is hate or trolling).

In fact, I tryyyy to include other points of view—because we’re about community dialogue, not one opinion. That said, truth matters. Equality matters, and climate change is real…and it’s coming hard for all of us.

We’ve been around from 16 years, now, doing this fun, meaningful, hard, delicate work. We’ve covered cultural appropriation in yoga (“Rock that Bindi, White Girl“) and other traditions many times. Please help us continue to foment meaningful dialogue with our millions of monthly readers—every article includes links back to your Instagram or site, so that you can build your own community more quickly than simply writing on Insta or Facebook (which is a huge uncaring moral-lite corporation).

Share what you care about beyond your choir to all those who might give a care, here.

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