August 28, 2018

I am so Much More than Beautiful. {Poem}

Warning: naughty language ahead! 


You want someone meek, baby?

Someone who will let her eyes drop to the floor,
eyelashes sending a spiky shadow across her cheeks.

You’ll tell her she’s beautiful,
and she’ll say,
“No, I’m not. Don’t be silly.”

You’ll ask her what she wants to order at the restaurant,
and she’ll say,
“I don’t know. What do you feel like?”

You want someone docile, baby?
Someone who says,
“Oh, that’s fine. That feels good.”
The words sweet but flat,
like old soda.

You want someone to look at you like you invented the sun and the stars,
eyes pleading you to pull her out of her life and into a life of

Or you want someone who’s already on that road,
has been on it for a while,
with scrapes on her knees and scars on her back,
who will pull up beside you in her car and say,
“Jump in, dude. We’re going on an adventure.”

Someone who’s already so in love with her life
you can taste it.

You want someone who swallows her tongue, baby?

Or do you want someone who,
when you ask her what she wants,
both in the restaurant
and in bed,
will tell you exactly what would bring her pleasure,
what would light her up,
because she knows her desires are her own responsibility.

Do you want someone who looks away
someone who will meet you with a clear gaze?

You’ll tell her she’s beautiful,
and she’ll say “Thank you,”
her eyes saying,

I am so much more than that, fucker.

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