August 11, 2018

The Real Love Story. {Poem}

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What is it you look for in the love of your life?

Is it his eyes?

Dark and soulful with just the right promise of mischief?

Eyes that hold you in their very center,

No matter what other distractions crowd into sight,

Melting you with a single glance. 


Maybe it’s his integrity.

The way everyone looks up to him as a man who is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in.

A man who is gentle, but firm—

And one who would never destroy someone else’s dream with selfish malice.

His sass, when it comes, is unexpected,

But it provokes something in you.

You admire it.


It could be the way he cares for you, the small things and the big.

The way he cooks for you after a hard day,

Or the way he gets you a bottle of water for bed,

And puts toothpaste on your brush—every single night.

You feel like someone’s someone, and it is wonderful.


Is it his smile?

You know the one—

It lights up the room like the dazzling sun, and you bask in its glow when you laugh together.

Because you do, often.

His laughter is carefree and it soars with yours to create your favourite harmony.

It fills your dreams with colour. 


Perhaps, it’s deeper than that.

Perhaps…it could be the way he holds you tightly when you lose your way,

Giving you the freedom to understand your soul,

And forgiving you the mistakes that come along with that.

Perhaps, it’s because he saw you at your darkest, in a way you could never show anyone else,

And he stayed.

He promises you he will always stay, no matter what—

And you believe him. 


It could simply be that he makes you long to be a better person.

To make the world kinder and softer,

So that he can exist in a world that lives up to his brilliant light.

So that his children can know the enchantments of this universe.

So you can create a life together you are both proud of. 


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