September 6, 2018

Advice from a Rockstar Oracle: What to Know Before you Get a Psychic Reading. {Partner}


This post is written by Colette Baron-Reid—an Elephant Mindful Partner. She’s dedicated to helping you open your connection with the Universe and manifest your ideal life, and we’re honored to work with her if it may be of benefit to you on your journey. ~ ed.


Do Predictions & Psychic Readings Work?

As an intuitive and Oracle expert, I’ve had a long, fulfilling 30-year career.

As a result, my experience has given me much to explore and allowed me to make some personal observations about the value of predictive readings.

For the first 20 years, I built my reputation on predictive accuracy—I had an uncanny ability to see the potentials of a person’s journey. But, around 10 years ago, I began to shift from predictive readings to prescriptive because of the philosophical shift in my focus from reality prediction to reality creation.

It’s one of the deepest drives for my passion for creating oracle cards and teaching divination as a tool for personal growth.

The essence of true divination is to help co-create reality—not be a passive observer of it.

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So, if you are someone who goes to a psychic to tell you what’s going to happen, you might want to reconsider your focus.

Someone asked me on my radio show the other day what prediction I can make about our world and where we are headed. For the record, I don’t make predictions—I track energy, watch for patterns and choice points, and share the prescription to empower people. Everyone is looking for answers, for support, to be told they will be okay, that they will be safe, that they will find what it is they are looking for…

It’s always in times of great turmoil that people turn to an intuitive or psychic reading to make predictions to help them feel better.

Certainty is a hot commodity right now, but I say buyer beware! If your motive is absolute certainty you run the risk of dis-empowering yourself, the opposite of what you need.

Over the years, I’ve received tons of emails from people asking for my thoughts on predictions.

Some of the most common questions are:

What do you do if you get a negative prediction?

Are predictions absolute or can you change them?

Why haven’t particular predictions from psychic readings come true yet?

What about predictions (often doomy and gloomy) made about world events? I heard recently someone say with absolute surety we are heading to World War Three, and another person predicting aliens for sure will come to stop it.

I say be careful.

It’s not that predictions or psychic readings should be avoided, after all I made my living doing it for years with integrity and gratitude, and there are loads of really talented, respectable readers out there.

It’s just that when people tend to see readings as absolute determinism, it’s harmful. It’s easy to make an assumption about the value of it too.

If you turn your power over to a reading, you are setting yourself up to create it, as your entire mindset will be influenced by what you heard. Your choices, behaviours, and vibrational patterns will signal, “Let’s have some of that!” even if it’s not what you want, or “Let’s live like that’s happening already!”

This can be great, but it can also lead to challenges if you get a “negative” reading, which can lead to hyper-vigilance and a fear-based expectation of that negativity, betrayal, or pain—or, conversely, it could turn you into a lazy armchair astronaut. “She said it was going to all work out!”

It’s great if you got a reading that confirms the path you are on and helps you stay focused and more trusting, but if you’re told about difficulties and challenges without explanation about the nature of personal reality, you are likely going to hear that as, “This is going to happen,” instead of, “Great info, but does it feel right in my bones? Does this help me course correct? How can I use this information to get back into alignment with the highest good for all?

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Fear is the most prevalent emotion when you accept a prediction as absolute.

Interesting that we are in a time where the media trains us to foster fear, outrage, and chaos as the main event as soon as we take even a peek at what’s going on in the world. Fear and suffering sell.

Notice how no one talks about the amazing things happening in the world. Is good news that boring?

This phenomena—the contagion of thought—is a call for us to be conscious and compassionate and accountable for the energy we put out into the world. My point is: when you go to someone for a predictive psychic reading and you are already in stress or fight-flight mode, looking for certainty (which in essence says you have none), that energy will influence the reading.

I’ve read for over 50,000 people in 29 countries over the last 30 years and have seen many predictions come true, while others have changed due to free will, and times when life, on life’s terms, threw a curve ball.

I’ve observed again and again that the future is a mutable (or changeable) place. It isn’t written in stone for any of us. When I still did predictive readings (many years ago I shifted my focus to empowerment, strategy, and prescription), I saw an outline of probable realities at the time of the reading.

I looked at the story of your life—the past, present, and potential future—at that moment.

I always told the client this is probable and potential, not absolute. I think I just had a great batting average as I could literally “see” a path light up and show me the likeliest version available.

But my observation became clear that if a person was on a path of consciousness, healing, and empowerment and doing a lot of work to change their patterns, they would no longer be the person experiencing the story from that first point of vantage. That changed everything.

I believe we all have a blueprint that draws out the story of our fate and destiny, and that certain events and life experiences are preordained, but you still have the pen in your hands.

The past does not have to repeat on autopilot if you’re willing to wake up.

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If I tell someone that they need to stay conscious or they’re going to slip on a banana, and then they don’t stay conscious, they’re going to stumble on that banana. The future is like a moving hologram that morphs as you evolve in awareness, or stay asleep at the wheel.

In my experience, once we get the initial prediction, it seems we all want to know when it will happen. I used to always brace myself for this question because time is very difficult to predict. What if, as I said earlier, you move beyond your patterns and begin calling in another reality?

Does the first prediction still stand? The answer is no. It changes and morphs just like you do. Time is like a spiral, not a straight logical line.

Regardless of what is predicted, you still need to be present to your life as it unfolds from the “now ’til the now” as you also run the risk of being too attached to a future that has not yet come to be. There’s always that hazard of clinging to the details of what someone says about your future.

If you are someone who loves to go to intuitives or psychics for readings, just pay attention to how you feel and the energy you bring in to the session. Do not allow the perception of negative readings make you hopeless and freaked out.

Readings should empower you, not leave you worried about your future.

Even if difficult information is being shared, it should be delivered with compassion. A good reader should also be able to show you an alternative path if there is one, or continue the reading to show what transpires after a difficult cycle ends.

Also remember that whenever you get a reading from anyone, you’re getting that psychic or intuitive’s perspective from a number of sources. The person using their psychic abilities on your behalf is going to read through a filter of their own life experience and personality, their own level of emotional intelligence. and personal growth.

The reading is also only as good as the connection between you and the reader. I always encourage people to get references for an intuitive or psychic and to pay close attention to their intuition.

If you don’t feel a connection with the psychic or you have a bad feeling about the reading, then trust your inner voice.

For example, I once had a popular and famous psychic tell me I would never have a relationship with a faithful man. In my heart, I knew that was not true, but it upset me so much it took me ages to shake it—given my history as a gang rape survivor who had unconsciously chosen to play out abusive patterns when I was young.

I’m now in a loving, honest, trusting relationship with a completely faithful man. He also told me that I had reached the height of my career, and I should accept my path as someone who would never attain much. That was a year before I signed a record deal with EMI music, followed by meeting my husband Marc, and then becoming a Hay House author.

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So was he wrong, or was it that his reading forced me to make changes in my life that aligned me with where I am today?

I believe wholeheartedly in the statement, “The act of observation changes that which is being observed.” What he said was impactful and a great impetus for deep inner work, which I did do. But I have a deeper understanding of these things that many people do not, and someone else may have given power to the reading and accepted it as finite.

Sometimes, predictions are meant to wake you up.

Oracles can at times be like tricksters—especially when you aren’t listening to them and you might keep going back to get more and more readings. I call this oracle abuse.

In fact, as a general rule, I wouldn’t do more than two readings a year for my clients. When you get too many readings, you’re basically giving your power to the reader.

If you keep asking for more signs and guidance through readings about the same subject over and over, the energy becomes desperate and all you see is what’s not there yet. You move from the reading empowering you, to the reading fostering lack in your subconscious.

Readings should be treated with respect.

Look to a reading as a means to track your course, support what you already know, or reveal what you may not know on your path. Remember the psychic is seeing what is potential and probable, but you still have to stay in the present—you can’t be a passive couch potato.

You must take appropriate action and have faith that Spirit has a plan for you that may or not be revealed to you through a reading with a psychic. In the end, Spirit has the last say…not you or the psychic.

The reality is you may not need anyone else to help get you into the flow and create a connection between you and the Universe. That’s why I created Oracle Cards. They are the key to opening your connection to the Universe.

When you learn to use the cards, you can have a direct dialogue with your higher power—without anyone else in the middle.

Oracle Cards are portals to awareness that help you build confidence in yourself and your intuition.

They are a doorway into a new way thinking and being that will lead you on a path toward manifesting your greatest intentions, in partnership with the Universe.

Oracle Cards are the key to opening the doorway into a new way thinking and being that will lead you on a path towards manifesting your greatest intentions for yourself. And in Oracle School™ I’ll teach you how to make it happen.

Are you ready?

In the past 30 years, I have done more than 50,000 readings with Oracle Cards, created my own decks and I’ve seen countless epiphanies and transformational shifts right in front of my eyes.

And that’s why I created Oracle School™, so that you too, can have the tools to transform your life. Become one of over 2000 students that have gone through Oracle School™, experiencing their own Magic as they make empowered changes in their lives.

I’ve often joked that Oracle School™ is like Hogwarts for adults, because the process of learning how to integrate guidance from the Universe, into your life, through Oracle Cards…is magical, deep, and fun, and the best part is you really experience your magic!

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Remember, the power is in your now and even small steps will open your future to exciting new possibilities.

Hope to see you there!

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