September 13, 2018

God, send me Someone to Please.

God, send me someone to please. Send me yourself in human form. Send me someone worthy of celestial worship.

I’m ready to drop delightfully to my knees.

Dear God, Goddess, Universe—whatever and whoever you are—I want to elevate my earthly experience by touching someone divine. 

Send me a warm and fleshy vessel to experience and love you through.

Aren’t we all just walking each other home? I’m ready to walk with someone naked and barefoot—hand in hand toward oneness, toward consciousness, toward unconditional love.

God, send me this person so I can practice expressing ultimate love to all through him. Send me this person so I can pour buckets of love into a heart that opens wide and knows there’s an infinite supply.

When his feet get sore, I will rub them. When he gets hungry, I will feed him. If he feels tired or lame, I will coddle him. 

I want someone I can selflessly put before me. 

My momma says, “but what will he do for you, sweet girl?” Oh momma, he can just be and breathe!

I need nothing from another human being. All love is inside of me. I am alive and on Earth to love. Love is my hobby, it’s my cause, it’s my wildest dream. 

If he gets the first sip, do I not still drink? If I massage his body for hours, doesn’t the dopamine rush in both of our brains? His presence will be my reward—an opportunity to love God and all of Earth-kind.

We are one. I am grateful. 

I’ll appreciate him for giving me the most powerful feelings of gratitude that I will have experienced in all my life. I’ll thank him for letting me love him like this.

Another person can’t take from me. I have nothing to take. My nonattachment game is strong.

He and I—we’ll practice impermanence together. We’ll promise each other nothing but the present moment. We’ll give and give and give until we don’t feel like it anymore.

Nothing needs to be exchanged or returned in this show of love and tender appreciation. Stay or go—no loss of freedom and no I owe yous.

God, send me someone beautiful like me.

In my vision, he’s happy and strong and a master-manifestor. He asks for something and it appears. He’s magic. 

I long to brush his golden hair, bathe his body, and spritz his skin with essential oils. 

God, I promise to take such good care of your beautiful creation.

I want to feed him slow food of the highest vibration and nutrition value. Oh, how tickled I’ll be watching his glorious body dance and thrive in my care.

I want to praise him for everything he is. He is perfect. He is divine.

Aren’t we all? 

But send me someone who knows their godliness and power. Send me someone who knows he is absolutely worthy of my concentrated, thick and juicy love-brew.

Give me someone to drop everything for. I want to give him my bed, my body, my breath, and my being. My red blood cells morph into hearts just at the thought of this.

“Love yourself first!” my girlfriend says. 

Wait, who’s first? Who’s second? Are we separate now? Is it necessary to organize order while swimming intertwined as humanoids in a sea of unconditional love?

I have given myself so much love that it’s pouring out the top of my head like a hanging basket of summer flowers. 

You see, my radical self-love is what provides me with the wherewithal to even seek out this human-love-bucket in the first place. 

Additionally, when my love bank account is accessed, I see that I’ve gotten so much love from other people that I’ve mastered how to pay it forward.

Let’s do this—it’s love liquidation time. 

I am love.

Send him to me with the sole purpose of receiving. I promise you, it will be my pleasure.

Send me someone light and fun and free. Someone who gobbles up my blueberry pancakes in the morning grinning and says, “yum, more please!”

I plead—life is odious knowing this person is somewhere on Earth and I’m unable to serve and support him. 

Where is he God? Please, send me someone to please.


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