September 2, 2018

If You Feel Like You Don’t Belong—You May be a Starseed.

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“The surface of the Earth is the shore of the cosmic ocean. On this shore, we’ve learned most of what we know. Recently, we’ve waded a little way out, maybe ankle-deep, and the water seems inviting. Some part of our being knows this is where we came from. We long to return, and we can, because the cosmos is also within us. We’re made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.” ~ Carl Sagan, “Cosmos”


Every element in the human body—such as hydrogen, helium, oxygen, calcium, carbon, and nitrogen—has come from deep within the core of stars. 

When stars die, these elements are blasted out into space, and from there, form new stars, along with the planets that orbit them—including planet Earth.

Each minuscule atom resembles a solar system, and along with molecules, assemble into living organisms, and from there human beings evolve. 

Science agrees that everything in the universe consists of the same energy that vibrates at varying frequencies, so everything that exists, whether visible or invisible, is interconnected.

However, although all humans are made of similar elements, we may not have originated from the same location in the stars—humans are likely formations from a variety of different galaxies that hold their own unique vibrations. 

It is widely believed that our energetic make up is directly linked to the part of the universe our atoms traveled from…and that there are people, known as “starseeds,” who are said to be advanced beings who have reincarnated on Earth.

Although everyone is made from stardust, starseeds are known to have traveled to Earth from distant galaxies specifically to serve humanity by carrying out an important and essential mission here. Starseeds are usually spiritual teachers, artists, healers, lightworkers, shamans, and prophets, and they take on leading roles, even if this goes against their introverted nature and the preference to be away from the spotlight.

Although these starseeds appear in human form, they also retain many of the qualities from their original star system, and the most commonly known of of these systems are: Arcturus, Orion, Pleiades, and Sirius.

So while we all possess fundamental basic goodness, is the reason that starseeds think, feel, and behave differently, as they possess the same values, morals, beliefs, and knowledge that they held on their originating planet, or dimension.

Starseeds are those who have incarnated on Earth with only few (or no) past reincarnations here, as they were originally from other planet systems and their past life experiences were spent on distant planets or in other non-physical dimensions.

This is why Earth can feel “alien” to starseeds as, unlike earthseeds who have reincarnated on planet earth possibly hundreds of times over and have grown accustomed to the low vibrational systems and structures, starseeds are accustomed to love and oneness, which entails compassionately taking care of the needs of all.

Starseeds often have recollection of their experiences and events from their past lives, and arrive on earth with vast knowledge, wisdom, and extra sensory abilities that causes them to feel disconnected or different to those around them. However, they work hard at overcoming this so that they can raise the planet’s vibration and create a huge, much-needed, shift that will eventually totally transform this world.

One of the most significant traits of star seeds is their natural ability to awaken humanity’s conscious awareness, and this is often expressed through a form of art such as painting, drawing, singing, writing, or dancing. Others have excellent communication skills that draw people to them, through which they are able to reach the inner core layers of the people who are listening intently, and awaken humanity with subtle language that resonates with their vibration. 

If you find it difficult to relate to others, often feel lonely even when surrounded by people, and you feel as though you don’t belong here on Earth, you may be one of these “starseeds” – here to carry out their calling and soul purpose. advancing evolution and benefit humanity. The reason for this is that it is thought that higher dimensional beings from other planets became aware that planet earth’s ecosystem was in trouble, and that there were huge divisions between the people here, as well as a tremendous amount of suffering and chaos. Starseeds are believed to be people who felt a “calling” and chose to transcend the consciousness grids and reincarnate on earth to commit to a life of service to prevent Earth and it’s inhabitants from self-destruction.

Starseeds have an indescribable, innate knowing within them that they have come to earth to fulfil a sacred purpose, although due to the way that earth operates with it’s complex organisations and disconnected societies, they often do not discover their purpose until their later years.

Starseeds, whether male or female, radiate divine feminine energy, which is the main element that brings healing to anyone that comes into contact with them. It is also the energetic frequency that supports love, tenderness, affection, and compassion, as well as open expression, which is a vital and missing ingredient that could revert and repair the majority of the damage on planet earth.

Starseeds often forget they have a physical body, as they perceive themselves as energetic light beings, so they can feel frustrated and limited due to earthly constraints that prevent them from being able to travel freely. For example, in other dimensions it is common to engage in time travel, and to be able to fly – many starseeds have real-like and vivid memories of flying, and this is part of the reason they often have lucid dreams and astral travel. 

Often people will feel drawn toward star seeds without knowing why, and can find themselves pouring out their entire life history, and speaking to them about personal experiences they normally do not speak about. Starseeds often find that total strangers will randomly walk up to them and speak as though they are lifelong friends about things they have never told anyone. This is because starseeds are deeply compassionate souls, who accept and understand those who society attempts to oppress, ostracise, or condemn. 

Starseeds prefer to spend time around those who are raw in their essence, and prioritise sincerity, authenticity, and integrity within their friendships and relationships. They often find themselves alone in the world, or with few people around them, as they struggle to function in dynamics where people wear masks, and who are destructive, pretentious, have hidden motives, and are disingenuous in their intentions. 

It is common for starseeds to go through many awakenings throughout their lifetime, each one being profound and causing some level of destruction around them as they eliminate more of the illusions they have been conditioned to see and believe, and see the world around them with greater clarity. They often go through numerous heartbreaks and disappointments, which does not weaken but instead serves to strengthen them with newfound courage, understanding, and acceptance of mankind, as well as the ability to relentlessly forgive. 

Starseeds are from planets with instant manifestation possibilities, therefore they may find they are able to use the Law of Attraction to quickly and easily manifest anything they are in alignment with, and they are capable of achieving anything they set their mind to.

Many starseeds share similar traits, tendencies, and characteristics and often feel a strong soul pull toward one another and when they meet feel an immediate recognition on a subconscious level, as they have reconnected with someone from their soul (star) family. 

Although each star system has their own distinctive energetic blueprint, and with it their own unique level of consciousness and characteristics, the majority of starseeds share many of these common traits;

>>Feel homesick as though earth is not your home, and constantly searching for deeper meaning and a place where you “belong”.

>>Vivid memories of previous existences that are difficult to explain in words.

>>Heightened intuition, extra sensory perception, and paranormal or psychic experiences.

>>Enhanced sensitivity to touch, smell, sound, sight, and taste. 

>>Difficulty sleeping and experiences a high amount of prophetic dreams. 

>>Thinks about someone and then sees them or hears from them, and often has thoughts that later become a reality.

>>Extreme empathy and compassion.

>>Feeling lonely and disconnected, but having an immense desire to help create oneness and unity on earth, due to perceiving the world through alternative visions. 

>>Difficulty fitting in with society’s norms.

>>Finds large crowds of people overwhelming and disorientating. 

>>The ability to read other people’s energy and determine whether their intentions are healthy or harmful.

>>Seem to face more challenges than the people around you and your life is filled with tests and opportunities for soul growth.

>>Disinterest in material items and money, values soul quality over financial worth and quality.

>>Innate healing abilities and can quickly lift the mood of those around them.

>>A strong affinity to nature, with deep appreciation for all forms of life. 

>>The ability to understand and relate to other human beings, but being aware that you are usually misunderstood by them, and often people have a misconstrued first impression of you.

>>Profound knowledge and wisdom from a young age. 

>>Immediately bond with animals, and often prefer being around animals to humans.

> Mesmerised by earthly features, such as the oceans, forests, and mountains.

>>High sensitivity to electricity and electromagnetic fields.

>>A fascination with the astrology, astronomy, numerology, healing, the metaphysical world, ancient practices, and places or monuments of spiritual significance such as Atlanta, stone circles, temples, and pyramids.

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Many people believe that the Ancient Pyramids, along with many other ancient structures, could not possibly have been built in 2,400 by humans, and must have been built by advanced beings. The following documentary reveals more…


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