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September 10, 2018

May you Remember that you are Whole. {Poem}

May you walk softly between the rows
of the goals and hopes
dreams and experiences
that you have planted for yourself

May you revel in the beauty of the garden
that is the life
that has been yours to create

May you decide to plant each seed
not based on a measurement of how worthy
their fruition will make you
but based on how the dreaming of them
and living in them
makes you feel

May you cultivate creativity
over certainty
and know that even the weeds that they call
and self-doubt
have a place and a story to tell that is worth hearing
may you listen
may you respond to them with love

May you choose what to tend to
with your whole being
not just your head
not just your heart
but with how easily and eagerly
your breath rises to meet them each day
with how effortlessly your hands hold them
or how effortlessly they let them be
with how strongly your heart beats at the thought of them
and with how brightly your spirit shines
when it dances with them

May you plant garden after garden of this kind of life
until the entire landscape of your life has grown wild
and is dripping with the beauty
of a lifetime’s worth of sunrises and sunsets

May you no longer balance pieces of who you are
out on tightropes
between lives
may you walk this road
with your whole self
and remember
you are enough

May you choose your own definition of balance
one which allows for the expansions
and contractions
of your inner world
to match your outer world
and vice versa

May you forget the shame of taking the day
and release the guilt of working over time
may you remember there is no badge for either

May you walk softly toward all that bridges the gap
of doing and shoulding
one bare footfall after another
until you are surrounded by connection
completely removed from that which created you versus them
and you versus you

May you walk softly
with yourself
embodying the remembrance
that you are whole
in all the ways
that you
so beautifully

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