September 30, 2018

Women: We are Worthy of being Heard. {Poem}

What is peace?

Inner strength.
in mind and body.

I find peace being a woman.

In America, I,
like many women,
can feel peace.

To know that my story, my being
To know that if I stand up
and speak,
I am no longer “a nasty woman.”
To know that my voice is
worthy of being heard.
To know that, no matter my age, race, religion, or skin tone,
as a woman,
I matter.

That my education
shouldn’t be frightening,
but should be valued.

I matter.
So do you.

There is still work to be done.
But the strides are being taken.
We can continue this move, this energy
by talking,
sharing our stories,
and supporting one another.

I am here,
and I am worthy of being

So are you.

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