October 23, 2018

6 Tips for Creating a Stylish, Sexy, Sustainable World—Every Damn Day.

Human and planetary health are interconnected.

To authentically “be the change you wish to see,” we need to look inward.

My passion and purpose is to guide others toward global healing by nurturing a stylish, sexy, and sustainable world.

We need to create an “eco-renaissance”—with no compromise. Looking good, feeling good, and doing good are not mutually exclusive. We can restore ourselves, and the planet, by using art, food, wellness, beauty, fashion, and business as vehicles for transformation.

1. Connect through creativity
Today’s artists are inspiring others to question, grow, and thrive through their creative expression.

Step outside your comfort zone and attend a transformative festival like Burning Man or Art Basel. Tune in to podcasts like Lady Gang or The Pitch. Or just immerse yourself in music with a deeper message, like that of Jason Mraz, Moby, Jack Johnson, or Sting. Last, reignite your flame with a powerful documentary film: “Racing Extinction,” “The True Cost,” “What the Heath”—there are too many to list. Even a short, 18-minute TED Talk is a great way to jump-start awareness.

2. Expand your conscious palate
Food is fuel. By bringing clean energy into the body, we accelerate individual and planetary healing. Try experimenting with protein sources: quinoa, hemp seeds, and tempeh are some of my favorites. Beyond Meat, Lightlife, and Good Catch top my list for delicious, cruelty-free meat substitutes, while plant-based dairy products like Daiya, Follow Your Heart, Kite Hill, and Miyoko’s Kitchen satisfy cheese and yogurt lovers alike.

Try switching up the menu—Clean Food Dirty Girl, Hooked, or Oh She Glows are great websites for mindful meal ideas. Shop outside the box at your local farmer’s market, CSA (community-supported agriculture), or food cooperative. And, of course, buy certified organic and avoid GMO if possible! Last, cook together with cherished friends and family. Meals grown and prepared with care nourish both our bellies and our souls.

3. Prioritize self-care
Even if it’s just a few minutes, make time throughout the day to show gratitude to your mind and body. Meditate, dance, practice yoga, or visit a wellness center or spa. Periodically unplug from digital life to get outside. The movement of the clouds, the gentle touch of the wind, and the sounds of flowing water all rejuvenate the mind and body. Listen to your gut when your soul needs attention. Trust your intuition and allow it to tell you what you need for balance—spiritually, physically, and mentally.

4. Detox your beauty routine
Slowly replace personal care and beauty products with non-toxic alternatives. Some of my favorite clean beauty companies are Acure, EO, Intelligent Nutrients, and Tata Harper. The Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website is a great place to discover what’s in your favorite beauty products. We spend a third of our lives sleeping on our largest and most absorbent organ—our skin—so make sure to sleep on organic linens. Consuming probiotics, vitamin A, seaweed, and healthy fats is a great way to promote radiant skin. A clean beauty routine is not a matter of vanity—it’s just another element of self-care.

5. Refashion your relationship with clothes
If a need can be filled by creatively re-styling favorite wardrobe pieces, why waste the precious resources to make new textiles? Consider borrowing, renting, or swapping.

Buying new clothes should be a last resort. Ask yourself: How many times will I wear this? What is it made of? Do I already own something similar? Invest in fewer, high-quality pieces made from certified organic fibers. Support local designers or seek vintage fashion. Some of my go-to ethical labels are Mara Hoffman, MetaWear, Outerknown, PACT, and Stella McCartney. Check out Rent the Runway and The RealReal. There are so many evolved alternatives to fast fashion. Our style should send the message: consciousness is the new black.

6. Love what you do
“Work is love made visible,” is one of my favorite quotes by Kahlil Gibran. If you are doing what you love, it’s not work—it’s love. So, spend a moment reflecting on what you are passionate about. Find or create an organization that embodies your life’s mission.

Love is the secret ingredient to life success—when we love what we do, we excel at our work and attract others who love what we love. It’s a win-win-win love fest!

The world is our mirror.

When we feel unsettled and unsure inside, we see the unrest and suffering around us. When we feel empowered and optimistic, the world reflects the infinite bounty of love and positive change materializing everywhere.

Design and manifest the transformation you desire.

The universe is full of love, light, and abundance for each and every one of us.

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