October 9, 2018

A Love Note to Geminis: 3 Reasons to Adore their Fickle Nature.

It’s Friday night and we’re bored.

My roommate and I finger through DVDs until we land on “One Day,” a mediocre film that exposes Anne Hathaway’s struggle with British accents, (one moment she’s Posh Spice, the next she’s Eliza Doolittle).

Still, we decide to indulge in this crappy rom-com.

“Ready!” I shout from the living room couch. I’ve already made organic popcorn, with perfectly distributed butter, for the both of us.

My Gemini roommate emerges from her bedroom.

“I’m tired,” she yawns. “I’m going to bed.”

“But you said you wanted to watch the movie!”

“I know,” she concedes, “but I changed my mind.”

Welcome to the world of the Gemini.

Geminis see the world from multiple angles. Their thinking demands mental agility, like light refracting into a hundred different colors. I keep Gemini friends around because they enrich my life, and let’s face it, I never get bored.

But before you write off these “two-faced,” and “fickle” twins, here are three reasons to love a Gemini:

1. It’s never black or white, or red or blue.

Democrat or Republican, right? Wrong. Have any extended conversation with a Gemini, and you’ll discover there are at least three ways of seeing a problem. Just when you thought it was young versus old, the Gemini mentions race; and when you’re stuck choosing between mild or spicy salsa, the Gemini mixes both.

It’s folly to think yourself an intellect in the company of Geminis—inevitably, they’ve thought of something you overlooked. I used to hang my head low and slink into the third grader who lost the spelling bee, but eventually I started to convert. I started thinking more like a Gemini.

So that means I never have to pick a side again, right? Wrong. Geminis can usually pick a side, because for them, neither side is inherently wrong; it just depends on how you look at it.

A Gemini will tell you that truth is a spectrum, perhaps citing PolitiFact, “Which won the Pulitzer Prize in 2009,” they’ll casually add. And like PolitiFact’s Truth-o-Meter, choices for Geminis range from “True,” “Mostly True,” “Half True,” “Mostly False,” “False,” and my favorite, “Pants on Fire!

“Both parties are corrupt,” the Gemini argues with a casual shoulder shrug. “So pick the one with fewer contradictions.” 

2. You don’t have to finish that book, really.

I pride myself on loyalty (or stubbornness), which means not completing a task is totally out of character for me. I finish the book no matter how terrible, and I avoid leaving a trail of unfinished projects behind. The Gemini bookshelf (and podcast lineups, and Netflix series, and dog-eared recipes, and college course catalogs, and sport sign up sheets, and web browsers, and social networks) expands.

I repeat: Geminis expand.

Don’t look to “nail down” Geminis, or ask them to “whittle down” options—in fact, don’t ask them to look down at all. Geminis are looking up—up into the sky where their element of air flies free.

Their eyes sparkle with new ideas and possibilities that stretch mental horizons. In this world of expansion, some things must be abandoned (like boring books and stale relationships). Incompletions do happen in life, so why berate yourself when they do? Perhaps “incomplete” just means an innocuous change:

“I know I said I’d go back to school but after that new report, I’m not so sure. I think what I really meant to say was that I’d consider going back.”

“Yes, I said I’d watch that movie, but now I’m tired and I’ve changed my mind.”

Here’s the thing: Geminis allow for change—and that’s a good thing. After all, as Heraclitus said, “change is the only constant in life.”

So go ahead: change your mind mid-book, mid-movie, mid-relationship, mid-career, or even mid-sentence. Those unfinished projects might remain unfinished (who cares?), but celebrate what you’ve learned. Now you’ve gained a little more knowledge and can pivot when necessary. It’s a radically spacious outlook.

3. If they come back, they’re yours.

Change is constant, so what’s the point in committing? Won’t Geminis always change their minds? Wrong again. Geminis are consistent creatures; you just have to bend your perspective.

The Twins crave stimulation, which means it’s impossible to supply all of it. (Translation: don’t pressure yourself into becoming a one-person circus of excitement.)

Geminis will test new theories, try new activities, and meet new friends; they’ll question and re-question their choices, and potentially ask you what you think. It’s a delightful process if you’ve got a mentally adventurous spirit.

My Gemini friends are some of the most open-minded, compassionate folks on the planet. I turn to them when I’m stuck and feel like I’m not seeing the million other perspectives they see.

Like a deflated balloon, my Geminis pump me up with fresh air so that I (and they) can take flight.

Geminis, I love you.

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