October 16, 2018

Before you Vote, just Remember One Thing.

Dear republicans and democrats,

Today, I need you. I need both of you more than ever.

I need each of you to stand tall, share your visions, and let your voices rumble. But I also need you to see each other—not as adversaries but as equals with unique skills and experiences to offer.

I need you to acknowledge each other’s experiences with compassion.

Because your past experiences, though vastly different from one another, have molded the way you see the world. Let’s honor them and honor you.

For, without all your experiences, the good and the bad, we would only know half of the story—half the human experience.

I need you to work as a team. In the same way the moon creates energy in the ocean’s waves, I need you to stir an energy from within one another. An energy that is sometimes calm and, at other times, ferocious and passionate.

But, please, never be aggressive. You will inspire the best out of each other if you acknowledge that without the moon, the ocean is not the same.

I need you to see each other’s perspectives as input—an input that is working toward a greater resolution. It is not hate, backlash, an ultimatum, or an attack—it is the construction of a better society.

I need you to present your views, not with the intent of making the other wrong or as a strategic defensive play, no—I want you to present your views so that you can blend your stories together.

Because together, you will create the most beautiful works of art.

I need you to keep pushing each other—not off a cliff, but toward a new perspective. I never want you to say that the other’s ideas are wrong because, you see, they are important too and they are shaped by different experiences.

I need you to stay open. Open to the world, people, and new ideas. An opportunity never walked through a closed door.

I need you to represent the whole picture. So, stand together, each of you acting as a pillar supporting the building that is our nation. And remember, without one—the building will fall.

I need you to vote.

But when friends ask you which side you are voting for, I need you to remember it is not a battle and that there are no sides. Our political party is neither republican nor democrat.

It is human.

When our eyes meet from across the voter’s parking lot, we must see that we have more commonalities than differences. We must look beyond party lines because what we are creating is greater than a political party.

We are creating a precedent for humanity.

And the answer has never been aggression. It has been love, always.


Another human.


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