October 12, 2018

What Happens when we finally Meet our Love.


When we know love—we become bold.

When we know we will be received no matter what we show up with—we become empowered.

When we know that there is no external influence with more power over us than the power we yield from within—we become fearless.

When we know that there is safety in stillness—we become rooted.

When we know that this world needs the one thing we alone have to offer—we become inspired to create and to birth the true colours of our souls into this world.

When we know that there is no way to do this life thing wrong—we become sure.

When we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are deserving—we become the lion’s fiercest roar and the softest kiss of the wind.

When we know that we can rebuild no matter how much damage has been done—we become the fire that lights our own way, burning through everything that no longer serves us.

When we know the free fall into the fear of the unknown—we become trusting of our feet and their ability to stand on the ground each time we land.

When we know the blackest of nights like the back of our hands—we become stargazers with kaleidoscopes for eyes that can see through the darkness and reflect back the dawn.

When we know that the storm inside our hearts is beating with the same ferocity as the hearts next to ours, building the same towers of fears and getting sucked under by the same waves—we become kind.

When we know loss—we become present to the beauty of being alive.

And when we know that the only way to know any of this, the only way to become any of it, is to unconditionally love ourselves first—we no longer have to wait for any of it to arrive before we begin to truly live.

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