November 16, 2018

A Meditative Ritual for Honoring our Lost Loved Ones.

Each year at this time, as we move into the full moon in Scorpio, we invite you to perform the Blessing of the Departed.

What is the Blessing of the Departed? This meditative ritual is a way for you to honor, connect with, and extend blessings to those loved ones who are no longer on the earth plane. It is an inner meditative ritual that is designed to be performed upon hearing that a soul has finished its incarnation.

It can also be performed as part of an annual ritual. You can perform it by yourself in your meditation area, in nature, in a sacred environment, or with family and friends.

Remember, the power of inner ritual is based on establishing a meditative and balanced mind—one that resides in a state of stillness.

There is a deep, enduring connection between you and those you love.

This connection has many levels—from conventional memory states to the subtlest intimacy of the soulThrough this meditative ritual, you will:

  1. Activate the subtle inner connection between you and your loved ones.
  2. Use universal symbols to bless and awaken.

Please take some time to enjoy this sacred practice. If the sky is clear where you live, perform the ritual and then enjoy moments of peace and remembrance under the full moon. 

You may access the Blessing of the Departed here.

Love and Shanti,


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Read 3 comments and reply

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