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November 28, 2018

How to Create Everything Out of Nothing

There is space in consciousness that is without boundaries, that is something beyond the usual confines of the mind. We learn to relax and to hang out in stillness, enough that it can begin to vibrate and warm-up. Those finest impulses of vibration become brilliant thoughts, they become waves of creative brilliance that are not coming exactly from us as individuals, they are coming through us.

This means relaxing into the natural effervescence, the natural bubbling, which is inherent within the nature of consciousness itself. Those little impulses grow in intensity, they become intentions, intention becomes action, action becomes results in the world. They become brilliant contributions to the world.  This requires taking an incredibly deep stand against the values in which we have been raised. Particularly, this applies to the values which have dominated enterprise, (where the word entrepreneur comes from), and to people involved in free enterprise.

The principles that have dominated work, and business, and enterprise go completely against this model. The Puritan work ethic, for example, is inherent within our religious frameworks, it arrived in America with the Puritans who came over from England. It is also inherent in the way the Industrial Revolution works and since then the Technological Revolution. It is based in the idea that you get results by working hard, by pushing hard, by stressing yourself, by exhausting yourself, by committing yourself completely to something and just giving everything. This involves a philosophical allegiance to depletion, to depleting yourself. That is how you get things done: you work hard, you get results.

There is some truth to this old way: you do need to focus and work hard. That value set means that the harder you work, the more you push, the more you strive, the more results you are going to get. Of course, that ethic denies our essential nature as playful: not only playful like a child but playing with the big force that gives us life. Children are naturally playful. We were all at one time children: we knew how to play, we knew how to be joyful. 

It is really since the Agricultural Revolution, and even more so since the Industrial Revolution, that we have lost our capacity to play — to be danced instead of to be working. The Brilliance Cycle involves a completely different principle. You learn to relax, to wait, and to allow things to bubble within you. In the beginning, they bubble just like a melody carried on the wind from far away: you can faintly hear it, but as it grows in you through your patience and your stillness, it becomes more definite. As long as you are stepping out of the way, it builds in its intensity, and finally reaches the point where it can become intention. Then, you surrender yourself and commit yourself to that intention, which all the time came through you and not from you. 

In a striving based / effort based value system, resting in emptiness has almost no value at all. The power of stillness is overlooked. To return to the naturalness where things can flow through you requires a fundamental change of values. We value no thing above some thing. In Quantum Physics, the unified field is the infinite source of energy. It is no thing. At the subatomic level, there are close to infinite amounts of energy.  As matter becomes more condensed, we move from no thing to some thing, and we no longer have the level of energy available at the Quantum level.

We try and fill an unidentified gaping hole within ourselves with something from the outside. Of course, one of the more popular ways, culturally, is the pursuit of money: the idea that the more money you get, the more fulfilled you will feel. By now this has been completely debunked by all kinds of sociological studies. The idea that we can fill an unnamed gaping hole with money, with sex, or with power, or with fame, means that we overlook the value of being still, of waiting, of being danced, instead of taking nervous action.

As a coach, my job is not to do the work for people to find fulfillment, is it to help people change their values: to change their value set from one that makes effort and striving and doing and achieving predominant, from one that makes acquisition, getting money, or fame, or power from the external world predominant, to a value set which places emptiness, resting, stillness, and waiting as predominant. You align with that infinite source of energy through practice: through daily repeated practice, an hour or two each day. 

There is no motivation to practice until there is first a change of values: a fundamental change of values where we can value nothing as more important than any one thing. We can value resting as no thing as more important than a thing. We can value not doing anything, and waiting to be danced, as more powerful than any particular action. This fundamental change of values shakes your world completely. You realize almost every assumption we have made about success, and achievement and a meaningful life have been built on quicksand. By changing values, we can relax into stillness to create everything out of nothing. 

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