December 22, 2018

The Big Box of Astrology for 2019: Change is Coming Your Way.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

Too many of us are bruised, battered, and worn from 2018’s energy.

One of the things that most of us enjoy about astrology is its ability to give us some indicators into where we go next.

Astrology is not just about what lies ahead—it’s about the past and present, too.

Similar to a weather forecast, the movement of the planets can share indicators into what to expect. Having a little insight into the planetary tides, especially around a new year, can be quite helpful for setting our intentions.

How we choose to deal with the forecast—both the sunny days and the rainy ones—will ultimately be up to us.

We can’t change the world or particular circumstances—but we can take on new viewpoints and become more open-minded into where we decide to put our annual efforts.

Wherever we go from here, it’ll be of benefit to take into account all of our efforts up to this point.

Some of us moved mountains this year, while others were left in a state of being paralyzed because things got too overwhelming. No matter our personal story, most people that I have talked to felt like 2018 was an overly emotional and angry hurricane.

As an astrologer, when I look out into the 2019 terrain, I see a lot of new influences coming onto the scene.

This is something many of us will appreciate because of all that difficulty of 2018. There are new planetary elements adding to the 2019 mix that give us more room to breathe—and the opportunity to get out of the funk of our changing situations.

With that being said, there are influences that will remain for the long-term and only gain additional momentum. There is no doubt that we are in a great state of change and the planetary story backs this notion 100 percent. With a major solar eclipse and series of Super Full Moons—all in the critical degrees—lighting up the first three months of the year, change comes onto the scene early.

In order to decode the message of 2019, I want to share some key planetary points—as I see them.

Take what you want and leave the rest. Astrology is a picture language and after quite a bit of analyzing, decoding, and talking to people about their lives, these are the themes I see coming to the forefront. 

Find your fire

With Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, travelling through Sagittarius (the sign he is most comfortable in), the element of fire comes back onto the scene.

While many lost their motivation in 2018, the resurgence of fire gives us an opportunity to shoot for the stars. As we trek ahead, the influence of Sagittarius will be pushing us to stretch our legs, expand our horizons, get more in tune with what we believe in, and ultimately be a little more adventurous.

Do something to get in touch with these themes: find adventure, travel, connect with other cultures, writing, teaching, learning, or renewing our spiritual purpose.

Find your power and where you’re willing to put in effort

The sign of Capricorn and its ability to rebuild from the ground up will be pushing us hard.

With both Saturn and Pluto operating in the sign that makes things real, barriers need to be broken and even completely destroyed because they are no longer working.

Band-Aids won’t work now. Important new beginnings are blooming but hard work is necessary to make them a reality.

In order to create a more solid foundation many of us will have to build from the bottom up. Themes of safety, protecting our family, and making our assets more secure will come along for the ride.

Be authentic

A lot of attention has been pushed upon us over the last two years to get more in touch with our authenticity.

Back in 2017 and 2018, there was a lot of emphasis on the signs of Leo and Aquarius. This is because the moon’s nodes and eclipses were operating in those signs. Those activations wanted us to honor who we really were—and show it off a little.

Now the Moon’s nodes have shifted signs and are operating in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn.

Entirely new chapters are igniting as a result. Little glimmers started to appear in July 2018, but the lights will be blaring come early January (the point of the first solar eclipse of 2019 taking place in Capricorn.)

A critical degree of Leo, the 0 degree, will be activated for the last time on the 21st of January, officially closing out the Leo/Aquarius cycle.

Reminders of being true to ourselves and honoring our authenticity will be coming on strong all along the way. If what you’re doing is not real and genuine it’s not going to be secure.

Manage expectations

Jupiter will stress Neptune three times in 2019. The periods of mid-January, mid-June, and early September will test how far we can really take things.

Jupiter will want us to shoot high and far—while Neptune will be distorting our ability to really see the reality of how far we can go.

Thankfully there will be less retrogrades in 2019 as we navigate our way through.

Important retrograde periods to watch will be March (Mercury Retrograde through Pisces) and the end of April (the point of Saturn and Pluto’s annual turn back.)

Manage your expectations of how big you can go during these periods.

Be accountable and take responsibility for yourself

The high influence of Cancer and Capricorn will be asking us to take care of those closest to our hearts—like family or people we consider to be as such.

We will need to be more accountable for others, but it’ll be important to put ourselves into the mix too. Burnout could take over if we aren’t remembering to refuel our energy tanks with some self-care.

In my mind, 2019 is a go big or go home moment.

Whatever we choose to do—don’t half ass it. Give it your love, heart, effort, and knowing.

If you believe in it, then 2019 is your year to make it real. Diamonds will be made but it’s going to take some pressure and perseverance to shine in the way we want.

2019 is also calling us to take some sort of action.

Whether we go big for ourselves, someone else, or the collective, try to broaden horizons and stretch both your legs and mind. Find healthy escapes and places to fuel whatever it is you’re fighting for.

Go big or go home and make sure to write or tell someone about it. This is the year to share your story because someone out there wants to hear it.

For a pretty visual, check out my handy 2019 Planetary Message Mantra.

Here are your personal sign 2019 mantras, and how each of the signs will be using these combined energies. If you know your Rising Sign, read for that one first, and then combine it with the themes and influences of your Sun Sign. Here is a free rising sign calculator if you don’t know yours.

Aries: Grounding my goals and growing new roots

Important turning points and developments are happening in your place in the public eye. Hard work and perseverance will be necessary—along with a necessity to follow-through on your initiatives. Making achievable goals will be important. 2019 wants you to keep things simple in order to create your new foundation. Thankfully, new motivation and desire will fuel what you need to accomplish.

Taurus: Unleashing my inner wild child

An important cycle began last year for you, Taurus, with the planet of unpredictability (Uranus) moving into your sign. The year ahead deepens your push into unleashing a need to let go and do something wildly different. This may be uncomfortable at first. In time, you will see that these discoveries will pave the way for a new direction of where you’re meant to go. A push to go back to school or gain new certifications could also begin to creep into your mind. Help or assistance from others will also come along for your 2019 ride.

Gemini: Facing up to fears while making new connections

New alliances are calling your name, Gemini. This will be an important year for building your web of connectivity. There may be some fears and vulnerability to work through as you begin to put yourself out there with others. Expect gains from all these new connections as well as long-term potential in both business and romance.

Cancer: Discovering new ways to care for myself, while renewing my identity

A new you is in the making as you embark upon totally new chapters of your life. The year ahead will push you to come out of your shell and put yourself out there even more. It’s a good thing—because now is the time that you’re meant to be seen. Barriers will need to be broken as well as relationships that are not honoring your new identity. Listen to your intuition in the year ahead and make sure to take care of yourself along the way.

Leo: Motivated to collectively express myself in new ways

A powerful time of creativity is upon you in 2019. New motivation will enhance your ability to connect to things that inspire and bring you alive. Children could also be a big motivator—whether they are your own or working with them in some capacity. New routines of structure and discipline come over your daily routines. An opportunity to restructure what you do in your day—including things you do at work come into your 2019 scene. Discipline to focus on your health and take on a healthier lifestyle also surround you.

Virgo: Finding new ways to connect to others and express my passions

A lot of attention comes into your world surrounding how you like to have fun. If you feel like you’re not engaging with the part of you that wants to live, laugh, and let loose, explore new arenas to bring it alive. Children could also become an important focus and new structures could be being built surrounding how you work with them. Real estate or matter of the home are also getting your attention in a good way. There is support in this area for you in 2019, and potentially the desire to move or expand your living environment.

Libra: Balancing new confidence to shine light on my unseen potential

It’s time to take your voice and communication style to a whole new level. People need to hear your opinion in 2019 and a new confidence surrounds you to speak it. You will be working hard to push yourself into new arenas but this is a time where you’re capable of making it work. Important attention will need to be given to the home front or real estate. You’re getting things in order in this area of your life. New family beginnings, with a solid foundation, are looking to be built.

Scorpio: Redefining values and drawing new lines to my communication style

A new 12-year cycle began for you last year and the year ahead is a time to take all those new initiatives to turning point. Expect to challenge yourself communication-wise and find new ways to express yourself. Money and what you value will also become a focal point. Gains will come along with a need or desire to spend. Your values and how you connect with resources are in the process of undergoing new changes.

Sagittarius: Welcoming fresh cycles of inspiration while becoming conscious of new priorities

It’s time to awaken your spirit, Sagittarius, and reengage with your ability to shoot for the stars. A different type of fire will begin to burn behind your eyes as you seek out new directions. While a big part of you will want to run and play, priorities will demand your attention. There is a push for you to begin something new but it takes focus, discipline, and hard work to get it going. Choose to put the effort into something you believe in and make sure to stick with it.

Capricorn: Letting go and learning to emerge into a totally new me

Major cycles of new beginnings, as well as endings surround your 2019, Capricorn. The year ahead will be one of the most profound of your life. It’s time to close out things that are no longer part of your path and head into totally new directions. These moves require you to evolve into a new you and the process may feel uncomfortable. In time, you will emerge with a new light to fuel your fire. New goals, priorities, and additional responsibilities come along, but also a renewed sense of purpose.

Aquarius: Embracing new compassion while connecting to new circles of people

A lot has happened to your sign over the last several years creating a totally new you. Now, as you embark upon 2019 its time to embrace who you are and connect to new groups of people. It’s time for a new tribe—one that fully appreciates your new style. Your compassionate side, as well as the part of you that looks out for the collective, is also engaged. New groups may call upon you for your assistance. Breakthroughs are also possible on a subconscious level, as well as a new understanding about your motivations.

Pisces: Welcoming courage to be more confident while gaining new recognition in the eyes of others

An important time in the public eye comes along for your 2019 ride. It’s time to breathe in a newfound courage to put yourself out there. Expect a push to be seen in new ways and embrace the attention. After a highly emotional 2018, your sign needs that good attention. The way you communicate could also begin to go through some transformation. New directions are calling you to restructure the groups you belong to. New friends will come onto the scene, in addition to a necessity to let go of those that are no longer on your path. It’s quite possible you surprise yourself in 2019 with the new directions that come into your scene.

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