December 5, 2018

What one thing can you do?


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“The true spirit of Christmas.” This year, like last year, I’m hosting all donations of clothes boots shoes gloves hats coats clean out your closets people! And (new) socks underwear on my porch at 838 University Ave. Drop if off any time. Please don’t knock, though, Redford will go crazy. From now through December 24, my porch is open for your donations. Last year we did this and filled it three layers deep and donated it to a local crisis shelter for those in need. If you’re in #bouldercolorado, please spread the word and go through your closet and anything at all useful you don’t wear please donate! And if you’d like to buy anything new to donate that’s welcome too. Minimal plastic–please just leave sans bag on my porch. Cardboard boxes are fine.

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1,000 points of light. Howwabout 1?

Many of us, if not most, feel hopeless about the state of the world, fearful for our future. But what if you did one thing? What if I did one thing? What if we all, every one of us who is able, did one thing to be of benefit?

This Holiday season, I am once again hosting a porchdrop—everyone in Boulder who wants to clean out their closets or buy and donate new socks and underwear is welcome to drop their clothes on my front porch. On the 15th, we’ll collect it all and give it to our local crisis center where it’ll reach those most in need.

What one thing can you do? Comment below. Imagine if we all did that one thing. Our world could begin to see the light of real hope, again.



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