January 15, 2019

The Two Magical Ingredients we Need to Age Fearlessly. {Partner}

This post is offered in partnership with our friend, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, whose mission is to change the way we live and die through transforming the body and healing the soul. We’re honored to share his work with you.  ~ ed.


We’re living longer on average, but we also have more health problems than ever before.

In fact, the average 65-year-old in the United States is on six prescription drugs, with the focus on keeping death at bay rather than making life worth living. Three particular issues are plaguing more and more of us as we age: cancer, cardiovascular disease, and dementia.

But you don’t have to accept deterioration with age or chronic illness because you can grow a new (healthier) body.

Yes, that’s right. You know you can, because you have already done it once before. Ten fingers, ten toes, all of the exquisite beauty of your physique grew from an egg and a sperm following careful instructions. And to grow a new body, all you have to do is break in to the password-protected regions of your DNA to switch on these same codes.

I know this is possible because I did it myself…

You can read more about my transformational journey in my upcoming book, Grow A New Body*

I have learned that there are two magical ingredients to health. The first can only be found in the invisible matrix of the universe—what I call Oneness. The second is the plants that promote health, but do not treat specific disease.

The ancients knew all about the invisible world. In the Hindu Vedas it’s referred to as akasha, or the vastness of space―the field of wisdom that forms the foundation of the cosmos. While Western science holds that the cosmos is made up of dead energy and matter, indigenous peoples consider the cosmos a living, intelligent field they know as Spirit.

The second ingredient comes from the world of plants—bushes, roots, and herbs that turn on the genes that create health and silence the genes that create disease. Today we call them “epigenetic modifiers,” and science knows them as Nrf2 activators. To indigenous cultures, it is sacred medicine.  

It took years of study with indigenous healers before I began to comprehend how these two ingredients work together. I share all of this with you in my book. It brings together science and Spirit—a combination necessary to grow a new body and experience the whole health that native cultures currently enjoy.

*Pre-order now and get a free guide to reselecting your genetic destiny + a meditation to discover your power animal.

How the “Spirit Molecule” can make us Healthier.

Years ago, I spent a summer in the Amazon rainforest conducting research for a Swiss pharmaceutical giant that was hoping to find a bark or root that could become the next great cancer cure. I spent many months canoeing to villages that had seldom seen a white man, and wherever I went, I found there was no cancer, Alzheimer’s, or heart disease―even among the elderly in the community.

Clearly, the indigenous people of the area knew something about health that we Westerners didn’t know. What was their secret?

I returned home with an empty backpack, to the annoyance of my sponsor, but with something I thought more valuable—insights from the Amazonian healers who had taken me under their wings.

Today’s staccato, screen-dominated, I-want-it-now lifestyle keeps us in a constant state of stress. Our stress hormones have gotten so far out of control we need to be weaned off them so we can start producing the brain chemicals that create health, serenity, and joy―one of which is DMT.

Produced by the pineal gland, DMT, or dimethyltryptamine, is a compound found not just in the human brain but throughout nature: all plants, animals, and even trees produce it. It is also referred to as “the spirit molecule,” and is the main component of ayahuasca—a psychedelic concoction brewed by Amazon healers as an aid to visioning and psychic exploration.

The brain produces DMT naturally when we dream, meditate, make love, and especially when we die. It is a “bliss” molecule, providing the underlying brain chemistry for us to experience Oneness. Oneness, which the shamans know, is the only key to restoring inner harmony, and is critical to experiencing a health span that equals your life span.

Stress is a major inhibitor to producing DMT, so in order to experience our natural bliss, there are some things we must do first: chill out and change our diets.

I write in detail about how to do this (i.e. switching your diet, ridding yourself of toxins, and repairing the biome in your gut) in my book, which you can pre-order here.


Erase the Fear of Death to Live Fully.

When we die and leave this body behind, we return to the invisible field of Oneness. But the sages of old learned to experience this field without dying—to taste Oneness while still in the world.

When we sleep, we are awake in our dreams. When we are awake, we are sound asleep in the field where dreams happen. Dreams (along with meditation, deep contemplative study, music, and prayer) are common ways of learning about the invisible realm.

When we dream, we are in a timeless world, one minute encountering our long-deceased relatives, the next traversing some fantastic landscape. But when we awaken, no matter how vivid the images, they often slip from awareness as we make our way from the bed to the coffeemaker.

In the West, psychologists trained in dream analysis are just about the only people who understand the importance of our dream life. Yet the Amazon peoples I studied with shared their dreams every morning, looking to them for answers to pressing questions or wisdom to be passed on to the village.

Have you noticed that in your dreams you never seem to have a physical body, never seem to bump into tables or chairs? In dreams, we are pure awareness. In the invisible world we are formless and self-less, within an expanse that is infinite and blissful. We are our luminous energy field (LEF).

It is only in the visible world that we bump into tables, fall off cliffs, encounter suffering and disease, and of course, where we learn and grow the most. To the indigenous peoples I studied, mortal life isn’t the only and ultimate reality―the invisible realm of spirit is the primary reality, and the luminous self is the enduring self.

When people set out to grow a new body, they also grow their recognition of their nature as both a spiritual being and a physical being, a field and a particle. It’s inevitable. Newly aware of a self that is undying, they can live fearlessly.

This deep awareness exorcises the fear of death from every cell in the body. The higher brain allows understanding that there is only life after life, that death is simply a brief change in status from a visible to an invisible existence.

If we can become aware of a self that is undying, we can live fearlessly.

And the discovery of this ageless-timeless self is what allows us to grow a new body that heals, ages, and dies differently.

Pre-order a copy of my new book today & get downloadable guide to reselecting your genetic destiny + a guided meditation to discover your power animal.


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