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March 24, 2019

Turning Around in Consciousness

Growing up in New York City, the night sky was often obscured by ambient light. But, in the summers, my family would retreat to Fire Island – a small idyllic beach-side community a ferry ride from the mainland.

That ferry ride carried us to another world.
There were no cars on Fire Island. We never wore shoes. And at night – the sky was filled with amazing stars.

Gazing into the night sky brought my mind to silence.
Years later, learning the art of meditation, I discovered that same vastness, silence, and awe within consciousness itself.

This week’s teaching, curated from a longer Wisdom Heart Community program, offers a dharma doodle look at the nature of your inner sky and the Light that is revealed in meditation.

Highlights from this teaching:

  • Meditation is a turning of consciousness. First we draw inward to the central channel and up to the sun center to experience a holy communion. Then we turn outward embodying the Radiance and carrying the light to all beings.
  • It is at the sun center that our individual cosmos is balanced and integrated.
  • Deep in meditation the sun reveals that it also is a star, one of an infinite number of stars and divine beings. With this realization we disappear and become one with all the stars and divine beings.

Reflect on and share your thoughts about this statement: “At the sun center our individual cosmos is integrated.” CLICK HERE to share.

The Wisdom Heart Community is for those who are ready to burn away the veils.
To step into the fire of awakening and share the sacred warmth and holy light with all beings.

To learn more about the Wisdom Heart Community click here.

Love & Shanti,
E & D

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