April 30, 2019

How to Deal with the Anxiety and Overwhelm of Climate Change when everyone around you seems Unconscious. ~ Girl Gone Green


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How do you deal with anxiety and feeling overwhelmed about climate change and unconscious people?

We can focus on what we can control. I can’t micromanage my neighbors to be eco-friendly. I can’t bully my family into veganism. And I can’t control what our president says or does.

What I can control is my own individual actions and thoughts. Even the small, tiny ones have an impact. It’s the butterfly effect—how small changes can have a large reach.

Here’s what you can do to start:

Tackle one aspect of your life at a time. Maybe your partner isn’t on board or you’re a teenager living at home. So, start with your beauty routine or work/school snacks—something that just involves you and go from there.

Radiate positivity. When you are enthusiastic about something people will be drawn to learn more. Show, don’t preach.

Keep learning and asking questions. It takes bravery to seek knowledge. Ask your favorite restaurant or local government what they are doing to be eco-friendly. Ask yourself difficult questions. Stay curious.

Every little action has an impact.

Live by example.

Do what you can when you can.

You got this.



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A post shared by Manuela Baron (@thegirlgonegreen) on

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