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April 14, 2019

Universe bring me back home – to my soul

The question became how can I simply be and not need, not crave or desire? How can I simply be me in this vessel and not need to reach outside of it in order to feel whole, validated, loved or admired?

How can my soul continue existing on this planet and just be, devoid of all the labels, devoid of all the necessities, devoid of all the “when I get here, I will feel whole and complete”.

What will it take for me to simply sit still in one moment, in every given moment and feel love, joy and the length, depth and breath of the universe? What will it take in order for me to feel a part of it and all of it at once? When will I be able to look at it through my own window and admire it, yet knowing that I am also a significant part of it?

How can I reach that stage in life where I want for nothing, acknowledging that all I have, is all that I will ever need? How can I reach that place where I know that I am enough, full stop. What do I need to do in order to enjoy life’s beauty in every single moment and its’ simplicity, without craving excitement and running away from fear? Where is that place deep inside of me that is able to face here fears, seeing them for what they truly are; uncertainty? How do I  reach the stage where people are the cherry on top of the cake and not the filling, the ingredients or even the icing. How do I get to love unconditionally, accepting people as they are without needing them to feel a void, my void. Without needing anything in return from them? When will I feel love for all beings without them needing to see the world through my same lens? Show me Universe how to love all beings for being different and for being the same and everything in between?

Oh wise universe show me that door that takes me to that place where there’s no need for hopes, no need for beliefs, the place where one can simply exist and for that to be enough? Show me that place where it feels warm and fuzzy inside and where I can be of service to the universe, just because I can and not for anything in return?

Take me to the place where I see pain and suffering for what it truly is, a lesson, a beautiful teacher progressing my understanding. Take me to the place where there is peace in my heart and in every single muscle fibre. Take me to that place where there is unity and separation all at once.

Take me back home to my soul where I feel I belong, where I feel safe and excited all at once. Where I know that my future is frigging awesome.

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