May 31, 2019

A Forest Meditation: Grow Tall & Ground Yourself.


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“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” ~ John Muir


Sit cross-legged, if you can.

A chair works fine, too.

As you close your eyes, find length in your spine.

Imagine a thin golden string attached to the back of your head, gently pulling you up toward the sky.

Grow taller than you were before. Just like a tree, you are not afraid to take up space on this earth.

Visit your breath. One, two, three: be here, make a commitment to the current moment.

With closed eyes, imagine your forest. What kind of trees can you find there? Can you see a little sunlight sparkling through the emerald-green fir trees?

Feel your feet, may you be barefoot, or not. Imagine your feet touching the slightly swampy, muddy, brown forest earth. What do these first steps into your forest feel like? Can you connect to the thousands of roots?

Let your imagination go deeper: What does the forest look like below the surface? Like a network of glowing wires, intertwined, thicker toward the top, thinner and more complex the deeper we look. It’s a world we can only visit with our imagination. It’s the bond between the trees—woven together, communicating, like one big organism.

Feel your hands. What do they feel like? Do they hold on to the duties of everyday life? Can you bring softness to them, make them touch one of the big, old trees, feel their structure, the lines that were carved by weather and life? If you can be gentle in touching the tree, can you be gentle with yourself too, for you are now a part of the forest, a part of this big, magical ecosystem?

Move on to feel your center, your solar plexus chakra, the power of your being. See the trunk of a tree, what does its center look like? What kind of critters live there? When the wind blows heavily and the changing of the seasons is inevitable, how does the trunk stay in its place, firm and strong, and how do you?

Take a look around. What does your forest look like? How many shades of green can you find? Is the sun shining, or do you find comfort in a light drizzle, protected by the leaves of the trees?

Walk a little deeper into your forest. What else can you witness? Are you open and aware of the details of life? For the little busy ants, the chirping of the birds, the gentle moving leaves, the fallen pine needles on the ground?

Check in with your heart space. Take all the light and dark green colors in. Find openness in your chest. Let your lungs catch the rhythm of the forest, a slight wind, a gentle in and out breath. Imagine your heart space in a glowing green light, expanding, interacting with the trees. How do they feel today? And how do you?

Stay with your breath. What does it smell like in your forest? Is it a light spring smell, bloomy and fresh, or a warmer and balmy note, wood-like and earthy? Can you literally smell the pine cones? Can you find comfort in the air, in your breath, in and out, a little deeper each time?

Feel the top of your head, your crown chakra, similar to the crown of a tree. And just like the tree, you stand tall and wise and unshakeable. Your branches may move, maybe they’re breaking sometimes, but your crown readjusts itself as necessary.

As you feel yourself whole, grounded, and still, rooted within this ever-changing organism, you gently start to kiss it goodbye. Thank it for your awareness, for the light and the shadows, for this quiet moment to reconnect with the magic of nature itself.

Place your hands on your heart, take one last deep breath in, feel your lungs fill with air and your chest getting wide. As you slowly breathe out, bow your chin to your chest. Let go of your forest, knowing it will always be there for you if you decide to seek its refuge again. Know that you have to help protect it in order for it to always be there for you.

Slowly open your eyes. Come back to the here and now. Maybe, you can find a little smile for yourself before you carry on with this day.

Thank you for this journey.

Be gentle with yourself today.

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