May 17, 2019

Full Moon in Scorpio: no Bullsh*t or Masks—say Hello to your Fears & Desires.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.

There’s a potent full moon brewing in the sign of Scorpio on Saturday, May 18, 2019.

This full moon will force us to confront our hidden depths and unconscious desires. It’s bringing to the surface what needs to end and be released, including emotional attachments, old patterns, and people who are no longer aligned on our path. To find balance with this Scorpio energy, we must individually learn to live less out of habit and desire, and more out of passion and love.

Scorpio is a deep sign. It is only by delving into the deeper parts of ourselves and being willing to show who we are in real life, that allows us to live authentically and be true to ourselves.

The archetype of Scorpio teaches us about our unconscious patterns, our deep desires, and the places we need to transform the most in order to create internal stability, security, and love. Therefore, this cycle teaches us to let go, to abandon some internal issues, and make changes that are often challenging and uncomfortable.

This full moon also highlights relationships—especially the relationship we have with ourselves.

Without developing our emotional intelligence and forming a loving internal relationship, we cannot create rewarding and satisfying relationships that are created from a non-codependent or conflicting ego state. Otherwise, we project our insecurities and problems onto others.

Our Scorpionic nature represents where our deepest desires reside, as well as those deep emotional wounds and attachments that cause us to think and act as we do. We can understand ourselves and make better choices when we learn to manage our desires and quit acting from a place of sex, lust, insecurity, and control.

Scorpio challenges us all to get more in tune with our depth and inner reality, and really get in touch with the true essence of who we are—mind, body, soul, and heart.

The majority of humanity hides behind masks. We people please, conform, hide behind our identities, and we do all that we can to fit in and be accepted. Even when life causes us issues, and we wonder why we can’t find a positive relationship or romance, most of us still fail in confronting ourselves, looking into our soul, and overcoming wounds and emotional ties.

Scorpio, the inner architect, does not settle for bullsh*t, or for people who run from their issues and fail to evolve beyond their limitations and patterns. It forces us to confront fear, move through it, and become more loving and open people. As scary as it is to confront those fears and unconscious ways, it is also liberating.

We will suffer if we continue to live in this mode of blaming others or lashing out emotionally. This full moon highlights the emotional internal purge that we need to do to in order to plug into the depths of our heart and soul—to see where we need to fill ourselves with self-love.

Scorpio forces us to confront our demons and unconscious patterns that cause us to think that we can control and manipulate others and life. By creating more internal love and harmony, we allow our external reality to become more pleasurable and satisfying.

Unless we are willing to work through all of this, we don’t evolve…that is, until the universe slams us hard enough to finally wake up and be willing to change.

This full moon cycle is exactly that. It’s awakening us to move forward, out of the past, and helping us become more nurturing, emotionally resilient, balanced, and loving people. Those past patterns and wounds may be resurfacing to help us heal, grow, learn, and mature.

We will suffer, all of us—as we continue to chase, control, manipulate, and react. Until we tap into our emotional depth, release our unconscious fears, and deal with our psychological conditioning, we will continue to resist our ability to refine our relationship with ourselves, and with others.

While the whole planet is undergoing this big evolutionary shift, we may feel like victims and saviors—as we all are being forced to confront the limitations within ourselves, to create more emotional balance, psychological maturity, and well-being.

Scorpio is also the archetype of sex, death, love, and seduction—teaching us individually where our fears reside so we can become more balanced and whole, with a deeper embodiment of love and unity.

This Scorpion full moon is ending a long seven-year cycle, and closing the door of the past, to help us move forward.

To help release the grip of suppressed emotional and psychological actions and thoughts, consider how you may have given up your own self-worth, or sabotaged yourself by thinking or forcing a way to get your desires met.

Creating a balance with our own sexual impulses or need for instant gratification helps us become more emotionally mature and loving humans. Sex alone never builds a lasting foundation. Love is created from a much deeper state, and must be cultivated internally in order for love to be lived externally.

Transformation and self-love needs to be created within if we truly desire deep love, deep satisfaction, and deep freedom to be who we actually are, without fear.

To really understand ourselves, our reality, our circumstances, and all that is happening within us, we must be willing to understand the cosmos and how a force beyond us may affect us. Full moons can create chaos because the energy is more intense and it impacts our unconscious, psychological, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. This full moon highlights new and old relationships and lets us step out of comfort, into growth if we let it.

We are able to leave codependent behaviors and toxic relationships by creating more self-worth, better self-esteem, and detaching from the ways we limit ourselves and keep our heart blocked and guarded. The emotional bonds of Scorpio can find us acting out to meet our needs, have one-night stands, attach to superficial people and pleasures, go after what we think we want, or just feel the need to escape ourselves.

And as our unconscious shadows and past are being purged, we are also able to see where we have withheld love, feared love, or have acted out against love.

This weekend is the time to release fear and to make loving choices that better embody your heart.

Here are a few ways that might help:

Take care of your body, and make time to tune into you. Meditation and yin yoga can be helpful to balance the watery and emotional moods this moon is creating. We are able to get clarity when we maintain our internal state and remain calm in what may feel like a storm.

Rather than reacting to cosmic energy and the emotional pull, it may be better to use this weekend to breathe and release, waiting until after the lunar storm has passed and we are able to see things clearly and make better choices.

Consider what life is showing you and why. Dive into the wounds and discomforts, cry your eyes out, and release the fears. Slow down, and stop ignoring the inner agitations, and let yourself feel and purge that inner chaos. Consider what you need to do to live better, welcome more joy, and feel more loved and connected within yourself, and in your life.

There is mystery and magic when we dare to tread into the wisdom of our soul, and connect to who we are. The Scorpion influences are helping us bridge the gap of fear to transform into love.

Let your inner Scorpio out, and help yourself love deeper by becoming more connected, aware, fearless, and alive within you and your whole heart.

We can transform when we are willing to confront our darkness to live and love better.

The answers and the truths you seek live within our hearts and in our depths.

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