May 31, 2019

“Rosemary returned to the exact spot in front of the Federal Building in Pittsburgh 43 years after her 1st visit.”

Same Woman, Same Place, 40 years apart.

Many have observed that if President Nixon had had Fox News and social media, he would never have been impeached.

The Pentagon Papers would have been explained away as fake news.

The Watergate burglary would have been explained away as good patriots keeping America safe from those left-wing commies, and forgotten about by the next news cycle.

This is why truth matters. Journalism matters. When folks say they don’t trust journalists, usually they mean they don’t trust media, and media is a catch-all word that includes opinion entertainment—like Hannity or Maddow.

Journalists are not entertainment. They investigate, and try their best to report the facts, and what those facts might mean.

So support journalism by reading and sharing it. Please.


And, of course, Nixon created the EPA, signed the Clean Air Act…he was a modern marvel of moderation, compared with The Donald.


Via Reddit: Is this photoshopped? The lines around Honk are identical in both pictures, and there’s pixellation around everything around the sign in the new pic

I thought so too, but they just carefully recreated it: https://twitter.com/hannahpmedia/status/840443917476741121

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