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May 28, 2019

Thus far I’m supporting these two Democratic candidates.*

*I’m supporting any Democrat, first of all. President Trump is an existential threat to Democracy—and I’d say that were I a Republican.
In this primary, it’s easy to only support candidates on the far left. I don’t really care about far left or moderate—I care about issues, listening, openness, intelligence, integrity (I need to get a sense that they’re genuine, not rehearsed). So my liberal friends get that I respect Warren. But Beto? It’s cool to dislike him because of accusations of privilege, which he’s mea culpaed and addressed fully (see videos below).
Below is some discussion of why I’m supported Beto, thus far.
Secondly, I prefer only those candidates who eschew bigtime donors and corporate PACS. Beto has proven himself a galvanizer of progressives and moderates alike, in terms of small donations—small donations are the future of democracy, and the present, not PACs and special interests.
Thirdly, I think he’s a genuinely inspired gent who could help bring this country together in this divisive time.
Fourthly, Warren is my first pick, because of her long history of caring and followthrough, her plans, her mission.
Fifthly, I’ve watched 100 hours already on the various candidates, in depth, beyond the potshot clickbait soundbite raps on the various candidates. Watch his recent in-depth townhall to see if he can measure up on details and policy. I’ve been most impressed by Beto and Warren, so far.
Sixthly, any candidate who’s strong on the progressive issues that matter—immigration, climate change, etc—and can peel off moderates, both, gives President Trump no chance. And President Trump has proven himself a fierce opponent, in a campaign.
Seventhly, I’m supporting any Democrat, last of all.
Videos I’ve been watching and enjoying (I’ll update this list constantly):
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