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May 25, 2019

What Are You Waiting For? A Poem to Nourish Your Natural Creativity.

What powerful seeds
lie dormant
deep within you,
to break through
the surface
and reach
their slender stems
toward the light?

What tender buds
are swelling
inside you,

yearning to unfurl
their radiant petals
and reveal their
hidden beauty?

What songs and stories
are swirling
deep within
your breast?

What wild
and magical dreams
are stirring your soul?

What are you
waiting for,
dear one?

The world is hungry
for your beauty,
calling you
to bring forth
your deepest gifts.

The seeds
have been patient
for so long—

for just a few drops of rain,
a few rays of sun,
a few kind words…

don’t deny them that.

Don’t wait
until it feels safe
to break open…

that day
may never come.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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