June 30, 2019

Cancer’s New Moon & Solar Eclipse: Coming Home to our Hearts.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


Tuesday’s new moon in Cancer and the solar eclipse is setting a new tone for all of us.

The summer of 2019 brings massive changes to our collective awareness. Whether we believe in the stars and astrology or not, we all are going through big changes, especially on an internal level. However, it’s important to know that how we choose to perceive reality and what we choose to attach to, will ultimately create our destiny. We all have free will and can choose to change, or remain as we are.

As we move into the new paradigm of love with the age of Aquarius, we are being forced to up level and radically transform ourselves in order to live at a more evolved point. This shift is happening now as we individually and collectively must overcome those patterns and behaviors that limit us, while expanding our minds and actions in order to live in more enlightened ways.

Cancer teaches us that in order to fully live from the heart, we must be fully embodied—emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically.

To reach the deepest, most authentic part of ourselves, we must learn to conquer our fears and overcome our emotional ignorance and reactions on an individual level. Without becoming an emotionally stable and balanced human being, we will continue to suffer and attach ourselves to people, things, ideas, and beliefs that don’t really serve us in the long run.

This summer, we are able to identify where we have put those blinders on. And, if we are lucky, we will have the opportunity to change ourselves and our lives for the better. We can do this by shifting out of our karmic patterns and choosing to let go of all that no longer serves who we truly desire to be.

The challenge that Cancer presents to us is the willingness to feel and to create an inner emotional security and a strong, lasting foundation inside, a foundation built on security, safety, and love for the long-term.

Without doing the inner work and creating a connection between our feelings, sensitivities, and developing body awareness, we often continue in cycles of codependency and insecurities—and we may fail to live a life actually aligned with our heart’s desire. When we live for others and only for the intention of finding love, we fail in developing first within.

This new moon is a new cycle that can put the past behind us, and help us shift our ways for the better. We must be willing to confront our inner desires, and recognize where our own ego is causing us to control, manipulate, force, and cling, in order to get what we want. Emotional intelligence is created by maturing out of our own ego desires and needs, and by operating from a more refined state of love. 

We all have the opportunity to develop and create an everlasting well of love inside so it can manifest on the outside, too. Yet without doing the work, and evolving in life, we miss our chance to attract the type of love we actually desire.

Coming home to our heart requires grounding into ourselves, and knowing ourselves well enough to override any codependent habits and addictions to external pleasure and satisfaction. Trying to satisfy our ego, and force our version of happily ever after, will never win in the long-term.

Love and life cannot be controlled, calculated, or predicted. While there are a plethora of new age tools, yoga sciences, and spiritual teachers, it’s up to all of us individually to foster more love, live in more conscious ways, and take responsibility for our lives, and everything we create. This includes our wounds, our reactions, our judgments, our insecurities, and all the ways we think we know what’s real, and what’s right. Attaching to anything or anyone can lead to suffering. And, ignoring our issues, abusing our bodies, and continuing to blame others for personal problems and issues will perpetuate the loveless cycles humanity has been living in.

There is hope for the world because we all are being forced now to see with this new lens and open our minds to a higher perspective. Although there are tough lessons to learn in life, becoming resilient within ourselves, and learning to operate from a more peaceful and conscious manner does make life easier and more satisfying.

On this new moon, consider your new love and relationship story. Let the karmic past be, forgive old lovers, and be done with the old ways that didn’t work for you. Think about how you can be more intelligent in your relationships and foster better communication. Instead of settling and forcing a relationship, consider where you’ve lost your sense of self, and perhaps why you’ve abandoned your own self, or settled to override loneliness or to please someone else.

We all have a deep desire to love and be loved. Our wanting and wishing for that fairy-tale romance often keeps our minds living in fantasies, and we subconsciously create an idea of a mate that doesn’t really exist. Yet fear kicks in, and we validate why toxic relationships must last or we fear never finding someone better. When we individually fail in developing love, we get trapped in toxic relationships, settle, chase sex, or jump into romances because of a deeper yearning for that unachievable happily ever after.

We always attract the people we need to help us grow. It is our choice whether we transform through relationships, or whether we continue with our stubborn ways and limiting patterns. The more real and authentic we live within ourselves while transcending our karmic habits, and false love fantasies, the easier relationships become. When we operate less out of fear and without insecurities, we can trust that the people who stick around are the ones meant to be there. We can only do this by knowing ourselves, understanding who we are at a soul level, and creating balance and a strong foundation for ourselves.

Love, after all, goes beyond a partner, family, and marriage. None of those can grant everlasting happiness, love, or security. We must become accountable in creating it for ourselves, rather than relying on someone outside to save us.

The truest love of all is cultivated within and is created by connecting to our soul, knowing who we are, and living from our heart, in order to serve ourselves and allow our wildest dreams to come true. We can no longer operate from our emotional wounds or attach to how we want our fairy-tale to be. A real happily ever after romance can only be achieved when we’ve grown into ourselves, matured, and cultivated true happiness without needing something outside of us to create that.

The universe loves an open, loving heart. It’s up to us to understand who we are, how to live mindfully, and how to cultivate and foster love within so that we can live harmoniously and in loving and joyous ways.

Whether we evolve and become loving human beings depends on our ability to develop emotional intelligence, overcome our wounds, and actually create a life where we can support ourselves—a life that we don’t need to escape or run from. Getting trapped in our subconscious attachments of greed, anger, lust, control, and more, will break more hearts, and create more loveless habits and issues, not only within our own life but in the life of others as well.

Let love in during this new cycle. Be open to how it shows up, and revisit those relationships that hold meaning. Allow yourself to change, forgive, and let go. Express your heart and be willing to connect and communicate in new and loving ways. Our soul family shows up when we are ready to let them in.

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