June 11, 2019

The 2-Word Mantra for Life’s Little (& Big) Woes.


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Warning: naughty language ahead!


And, then she woke with the warmth of the sun on her face. The sun—that eternal truth holding the planet and all of life—this truth, veiled under the clouds, yet extant.

Two words silently slipped through her lips: fuck it.

And the more she said it, the louder those words became. Until she laughed and frolicked in the bursting morning sunshine.

It was time to be awake. And to awaken the soul lurking inside in a corner, to give up, and to let go of a tumultuous karmic connection, one which had taken over and left nothing of her.

We have all been there at some point in life: caught in a toxic relationship, or a job that doesn’t serve our conscious, or something and someone who takes more than gives.

We continue to climb Mount Everest, even when our brains are screaming for oxygen. What is it that doesn’t let us give up? Are we too comfortable in the comfort zone? Is it the pride, ego, fear of the other side, financial crutches, or just plain fear that others might say we are losers or quitters? Or do we possess the kind heart of a giver who hasn’t created boundaries?

All of the above.

Simply put, sometimes it’s okay to give up—sometimes it’s better to give up. Just like, sometimes it’s okay to be not okay.

“When things go wrong, don’t go with them.” ~ Elvis Presley

Close your eyes, and envision your world released from the situation. If your tears flow carelessly and you feel a moment of relief and liberation—it is time. It is time to:

>> Talk about mental health and make it a priority.
>> Take off the pressure to perform, to compete, to be number one.
>> Stop living selfishly and start living selflessly.
>> Share the love and insecurities.
>> Believe in love.
>> Be present for each other.
>> Pause and catch that beautiful sunrise and sunset.
>> Be aware of life inside us and around us in an ant, in a caterpillar, or in a blade of grass.
>> Listen to our heart and do what makes us cry out with passion.
>> Keep on paying it forward.
>> Plant your seeds of calmness and meditation.
>> Ask for help.

The awakening that happens to undo what no longer can be undone, to let go and fall apart, and then rise again is a profound choice not for the faint of heart.

Once the awareness becomes you, the question of giving up doesn’t arise. There are no more choices to consider. From there, we do everything to create our reality.

When we understand that life is precious and we live only once, we’re able to give up on:

>> Fulfilling unreasonable expectations thrust upon us.
>> An abusive or a toxic relationship.
>> A vision that didn’t come true and we came to dislike.
>> People who bring us down instead of building us up.
>> Takers who don’t give back or those who feel entitled to receive.
>> A job that is making us unhappy.
>> Stress, because nothing kills like stress.
>> A need-based and unfulfilling relationship.
>> People pleasing and sacrificing ourselves for others.
>> Making someone else the main character of our play.
>> Accepting a wrongdoing.

Because, if we don’t give up, we will not create the space to receive. The emptiness gives way to rich fulfillment.

We didn’t lose—we survived. And we are headed to a place that didn’t even exist before in our wildest imagination. We can learn to trust in the handiwork and the natural flow of the cosmos and beyond.

We always have a choice: to uplift ourselves, or continue to fight for something or someone who does not serve us or our purpose in life.

Between the realms of this choice, we experience the greatest pain and heartbreaks. But, from the biggest pain, we’re able to learn some of the biggest lessons of growth and boundaries.

This is the space where we receive the biggest blessings to finally live our truth. A truth, which rises like a phoenix and soars like an eagle, and when we spread our wings, we can encourage others to live wholly, too.

This is the time we will admit and commit to some of our biggest talents and strengths. This is the time we will accept ourselves fully. We are more than enough and not everyone deserves us. In the end, we can save ourselves and accept others to be on their own journey of self-discovery and realization.

It is time to cut our losses.

So, repeat, I give up. I give up. I give up. And fuck it.

Keep repeating that mantra until the sun shines on your face and rays of sun touch your feet like the perpetual reality that can never be buried.

May we all have the courage to follow our true path and the determination to travel on this journey to unearth awareness of the energy and excitement of just being alive.


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