July 1, 2019

Be a Man. {Poem}


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Be a man,

They are told as they weep.

Be a man,
Society scoffs as they play with Barbies and “girl toys.”

Be a man,
The world utters when they take their first shot, their first hunt, their first woman.

Be a man,
In the face of your fear of heights, your fear of water, or your fear of the dark.

Be a man,

Be a man,

Be. A. Man.


But what if…

What if “being a man” was just society’s cruel judgment system?


Be a man,
And cry if you need to cry—sometimes life is sad.

Be a man,
And play with all the dolls because toys are toys, not gender identifiers.

Be a man,
And say no if tequila, killing, and women aren’t your thing.

Be a man,
And be scared of heights, water, and the dark, because being a man has nothing to do with those things.

Be a man. If that’s how you identify.

But, most importantly—

Be you.


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Read 1 comment and reply

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