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July 1, 2019

Planet Over Plastic 31-Day Challenge: Elephant’s Favorite Personal Weird Little Avoid-Plastic Tips.

Plastic sucks—plain and simple. We should all know that by now.

But how the heck do we avoid the stuff? And what can we use instead?

We’re talking, beyond the obvious, like saying no to the darn straw already.

Inspired by Plastic-Free July—and with the help of our friends at Treehugger, our caring editors, and some of our dear readers—we’ve gathered our favorite personal weird little avoid-plastic tips. These are some of the hidden ways plastic creeps into our lives and some ninja tips and tricks to kick it to the curb. Well, not literally. (TerraCycle that sh*t!)

We’ve jam-packed our Planet Over Plastic Challenge with as many actually helpful, practical tips as possible, with shout outs for some of our fave eco companies doing it right—not because they paid us, or even know we mentioned ’em here, but because we genuinely love what they’re doing to help rescue this precious planet of ours from drowning in plastic.

Take one tip a day to stay inspired, informed, and empowered. Share the challenge with your friends, family, colleagues. Start a Planet Over Plastic group to keep each other pumped and accountable.

Even if you only manage to change 1 of these 31 things, you’ll have made a difference.

Planet Over Plastic Challenge, July 2019—One Tip a Day.

Monday July 1

1. Remember the Dang Bag!

Pack ‘em and stash ‘em—in your carboot, bike basket, handbag, anywhere and everywhere. And, for goodness sake, remember to take ‘em with you when you shop, every time, this month...and beyond. Shopping bags, produce bags, bread bags and bulk food bags—you can get 'em all at Onya Life.
Get All the Reusable Bags you Need
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Read 16 comments and reply

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