August 1, 2019

August 1st New Moon in Leo: a Mantra to Honor the Quiet Inner Child in us All.


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*Whether astrology is science or magic, we’re open to most things, if they may be of benefit. ~ Ed.


This week, the sun and moon meet in the shiny, golden sign of Leo.

With Leo, we would expect a bright, bold energy, but this sky is not the usual Leo—it’s a dark sky, as it always is, during a new moon.

My first great love was a Leo, my mother was a Leo, my dearest friends are either Leo rising, moon in Leo, or live with a strong fifth house. I just adore this energy.

Who doesn’t love the exuberance of a child eating their favorite ice cream, a brand-new outfit for the dance party, the teenage delight of telling your best friend about your first kiss? This is the part of all of us that cannot be stopped. No one wants to tell a child to stop his or her laughter, and good luck trying to stifle a kid’s crying. I cherish wild, instinctive energy.

So, while you too may love wild, kid energy, there are those kids who prefer it to be delightfully quiet. That’s what this new moon is calling for: the kid inside you who lives content with your inner world.

The sun and moon are standing together, enjoying each other’s company. They are not screaming look at me! We leave that for the full moon of Leo. Today is the flavor of the shy child, wanting to stay at home and be creative.

So much of this life, and so much of classical Leo, is about having drama consume our waking hours. Is it a broken love affair? Your kids growing up? Or is it our current-day politics on either side creating a kerfuffle?

Whatever the drama/trauma in your life during this new moon, the sky is asking you to invoke your quietly happy child…the part who celebrates the smallest events—like waking up in the morning, watching the sun go down at the end of the day, or maybe it’s just the feel of the warm wind on a summer day.

Not every Leo is a show-off, not every fire sign is all jacked-up. There is an inner world that is called forward during a new moon of any sort, giving us time for reflection to go in. During this double Leo energy, allow yourself to value your “me” time.

This is why we study astrology deeply: to move as far away from generalities as we can. A new moon is a time to go in to reflect and study. A full moon is a time to celebrate and be out—at the party, around the campfire, playing.

Let’s do a new moon prayer:

“Allow me the ability to stand in my quiet with comfort—to know stillness and ease. To live a life of little to no drama. To be with what is and to love what I have been given.”

This is the right use of double Leo as a source of wisdom. Not so easy to accomplish, but what a great goal.


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