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August 25, 2019

4 Ways To Be Paid To Do What You Love

You deserve to be paid for your purpose in life. 

Imagine it for a moment.

Imagine making money from your talents. Imagine not only being paid to do a job that you love so deeply that you would do it for free but also earning your entire living from it. And imagine what it would feel like to be rewarded financially for what comes naturally to you.

When you achieve this for yourself, you will end the struggle that so many people face: the separation between what they love to do and what they are paid to do. As you do, the quality, meaning, and inspiration of your life will skyrocket.

Too often, people compartmentalise their finances and their dreams, believing that their source of income must be different from what inspires them. But what if you considered, even for a brief moment, that it is possible to unite the two? What could happen then?

GREAT things can unfold.

The following are 4 ways to be paid to do what you love:

1: Apprenticeship

The first way to be paid to do what you love is to complete an apprenticeship.

This apprenticeship might be a literal one or a paid project or role of a different nature (think contracting role). Either way, this apprenticeship will prepare you for the next level of your career by providing you with the opportunity to learn from people who are already doing what you dream of doing.

Writing for several high-profile leaders, including best-selling author and speaker Dr  John Demartini, was an invaluable apprenticeship for my future as an author.

While helping them to fulfil their missions, I acquired knowledge and wisdom that prepared me to write for the world. If you are humble enough to learn from masters, you too can become one.

2: Dream Job 

Pathway 2 is to find or create your dream job. I have met people who found their sweet spot in a job; maybe you too are one of those rare and fortunate individuals who looks forward to arriving at the office and stays late at night by choice.

Finding your dream job might mean being hired as a chef at the most expensive restaurant in town, being employed to design cars with a leading car manufacturer, or working with the top mentor in your field. Regardless of the form, your job could become the pathway for you to develop your gift and fulfil your purpose simultaneously.

You might make it your goal to work your way up the company you work for, or another company in the same industry, until you have your ultimate job.

If this inspires you, then focus on developing your existing strengths and give your job your all each day. Become outstanding in your field by scaling up the quality of your work until you are at the top.

3: Teach It

The third pathway is one where you earn a living as a teacher, trainer, coach or consultant who helps people to learn about a topic, master a skill, or achieve a specific goal. You are not specifically doing what you love, but you are close to it as you teach people how to do it.

Examples of this pathway might include a surfer running lessons to give people a surfing experience or a healer who trains other healers to work with clients.

I am certain you can earn six-figures teaching people to master what you do naturally. Your services on this pathway could include one-to-one consulting, in-person events, retreats, mentoring, and online courses: many of which I am sure you are familiar with.

We are blessed in a modern age where technology allows almost anyone to establish a business serving international clients (if you don’t think it is possible, I was doing traveling, writing and mentoring people online as early as age 20). .

To start out on the pathway of being paid to teach people about your area of genius, ask yourself:

  • What have I already mastered in my life?


  • Who would love to learn about or master this?

The answers to these questions could become the source of pathway three for you.

I was extremely blessed that my trajectory in business led me to mentor aspiring authors to write their masterpieces.

Not only did my personal fulfilment go up – as I was no longer writing other people’s content but teaching them to master writing their own – but I also doubled my income 3 years running in my mid-twenties by shifting out of a technician role into a trainer role.

So, if you enjoy the process of teaching someone else about what you love doing, this pathway might be the one for you: and it has many rewards waiting in the wings.

4: Be Paid To Do It

The 4th way to earn from your purpose is to be paid directly for what you love to do.

For example, authors who sell their books, athletes who secure sponsorship for their sport, and professional speakers who are paid to deliver presentations.

This pathway requires a great degree of self-worth and love, as you must value yourself and your gift enough to be willing to be paid to be YOU.

This pathway may also take the greatest amount of work to achieve it. So, as you focus on finding ways to be paid directly to do what you love (and what you do best):

  • Focus on your end vision – the dream for your LIFE, and  
  • Remember that there are already people being well-paid to do what you love – so it’s possible for you, too. 

You deserve this – and the world needs YOUR gifts.


It’s unlikely that you will start making big bucks on the first day that you offer what you do to people.

But in almost every single success story you will read, from famous celebrities, actors, and authors to investors and billionaires, you will see that they started out small and worked their way up.

How much they loved what they did kept them going until they touched the world with their gift and made a fortune in the process.

Humble beginnings lead to great endings, but you need the courage to start in order to reach the peak.

Hold the vision – and you WILL achieve it.

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