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August 21, 2019

A Deeper Love: The Seven Stages of Conscious, Romantic Twin Flame Relationships

There are seven stages of twin flame relationships and the first is “the longing.”

Your internal or external environment doesn’t need to be a certain way in order to attract a twin flame into your life, though some things may make it more likely.

For example, I had an intensely strong feeling that something big was missing from my life. There was a strong desire to share the beauty and the challenges of this human experience with another.

It may be that you tell yourself that you’re not interested in another relationship because of the pain you experienced in the past, but something inside you hasn’t quite given up. When you are honest with yourself in your more tender, vulnerable moments, you allow yourself to feel the longing, the desire for union and a deeper connection with another.

Perhaps the more you allow this longing to be felt, the more likely it is that your energy will attract a twin flame into your life.

Of course this longing you feel is actually the longing to return to oneness, which is the zenith of human potential; to become the best possible version of yourself and live from a place of direct communion with life.

Perhaps every romantic relationship or otherwise is potentially a twin flame encounter.

Everything, remember, is divinely orchestrated, and the people we meet all have clues and keys to exchange in order to enable us to be our best possible self.

On a human level, we are attracted to another for the purposes of procreation, the continuation of our lineage and the species but what of our spiritual nature? The animal attraction is one level and can be seen as a sort of lure to bring us into relationship with another. The illusion of ‘other’ can be transcended with a twin flame relationship because you see how your partner is a human manifestation of the divine feminine or masculine energy within ourselves (depending on whether we currently inhabit a male or female body). The initial human attraction entices us into an incredible romantic dance with the potential return to wholeness and unity through the inner twin flame marriage of the yin / yang energies, also known as anima and animus, as the ultimate prize.

Perhaps the reason why twin flame as a concept has become more widely known is that now more than ever we need individuals to come home to the truth of our divine selves in order to raise consciousness and birth a new way of being on this planet. But this will only happen if we stop looking outside of ourselves for another to complete us.   Relationship is often known as the highest form of yoga and twin flame relationship is just an even more intense and potentially fast track tool for raising consciousness; as long as you have the courage to keep looking within, as at times this can be really uncomfortable for the ego as it can be a painful ordeal as well as a heavenly adventure into bliss.

For others there may not be such an obvious longing and instead a feeling that they are not ready for a relationship and that they need time alone. This surrendering to their aloneness can also be the key to signal to life that you are ready to meet a twin flame and that was what happened for me. I thought I was meant to be alone for a while but also I had pledged that in the next relationship I would not run, or numb out or hide from any challenges that arose. I would take full responsibility and do my inner work however uncomfortable things got.  At this point my twin flame showed up.  Perhaps my pledge was a signal to life that I was ready and with the longing in my heart and a little magic and synchronicity, she appeared before me.

In my next Elephant Journal article I will introduce the second stage of conscious, romantic, twin flame relationship which is ‘the appearance’.  Watch this space!

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