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August 25, 2019

Defining Your Dream Career

We all want it:

A career that moves and inspires us.
A career that we care about from the depths of our heart.
A career that fulfils and rewards us in every way.

But how do we create it for ourselves?

First, we have to know what that career IS. We need to see a vision of ourselves building it and fulfilling it. And, we need a sense of what we would love to achieve within that career, in the industry we’d love to make our contribution in.

That’s the starting point – we need to know so that we can merge our purpose with our work.

Here’s my advice on where to begin in defining YOUR dream career:

You already have a sense of what you love to do. If you look within your heart and take careful observation of your life over time, you’ll see what you are naturally drawn to do; what you care about, what interests you, what makes you come alive, and what inspires you.

It’s likely there is more than one thing you love to do – BUT, there will be 1-3 of those things you would love to be paid to do.
And that?

It is the overlap we need in order to know what your dream career looks like.

For example, I love:

1. Writing
2. Speaking
3. Self-Help
4. Business
5. Travel
6. Shopping
7. Health

They all inspire me for different reasons and to varying degrees. BUT, there are only a small handful that I want to be paid to share with the world.

For me, those are:

1. Writing
2. Speaking
3. Self-Help
4. Business

Yes, I love to travel (and travelling is a huge source of my inspiration), wellness matters to me and yes, I love shopping and clothes but I have no desire to be paid to do them – for example, becoming a stylist who teaches people how to dress and shop.

But sharing inspirational words with the world from page to stage and helping people to fulfil their greatness through self-help and career? That’s my career sweet spot.

I don’t just want to do it and yes, be paid to do it, but I also LIVE to do it. It’s what I do every day, and when I’m not doing it, I’m thinking about it.

Out of the list of what I love to do, there are some that reign supreme. They are my highest inspiration and what I feel most called to do and share with the world. The others are simply things I want to have in my life and do. You could say they are personal, not professional for me.

The same principle applies for you.

If you make a list of what you love to do – what you would love to do every day – you may be able to notice the few that, if you could be paid to do them, could form the foundation of the career you love.

That overlap between what you love to do and what you love to share with others is the seed of your dream career; the one where you do what you love every day.

If you look within yourself deeply enough, you will find it…

The key to a career that lights you up from within every single day.

That’s the one you deserve.

So, don’t stop looking until you find it.

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