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August 12, 2019

It’s a Brand New Day. Who do you want to be?

It’s a brand new day.

Who would you like to be?

Let go of any events of yesterdays, those which you consider challenging, fearful and unfair.

You could, of course, choose to focus on days that are not today; and replay the stories of loss and irritation.

Yet, on this brand new day, this sparkling blank canvas… you could see that all your previous contrast means one thing: You’ve never been more acute to what you want than right now, on this brand new day.

Your visions of your Vortex- the amounts of money, the detailed, delightful homes – everything is lined up for you, every detail that makes you breathe a sigh of relief, every item that delights and surprises you.

The only question is, in this brand new day, who would you like to be?

  • Will you grip to the past in anger, or will you bounce into the present with childlike joy?
  • Will you allow your vortex to unravel into an infinite well of possibilities, or will you stare at the ground cursing the timing of the Universe?
  • Will you love those around you, including yourself, or curse their past mistakes and flounders?
  • Will you do your best, or hold your gifts back from the world?
  • Will you dress in your favorite clothing, and use your favorite items; or keep them for an unidentified “important” day in your future?
  • Will you eat your favorite foods, and laugh, rolling your head back in splendor with friends; or will you hide away and rigidly control your consumption?

It’s a brand new day.

Who do you want to be?

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