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August 23, 2019

The 7 Stages of Conscious, Romantic Twin Flame Relationships – Stage 2 The Appearance

Twin Flame Stage 2

Stages of the Conscious, Romantic Twin Flame Relationship

In my experience there are seven stages of twin flame relationships. The previous article here on Elephant Journal introduced the first which is ‘the longing.’ The second is ‘the appearance.’

When you see your twin for the first time there is a powerful pull, like a magnetic attraction that stirs a mixture of feelings of excitement, desire and powerful attraction, from deep within your heart. It is as if you have met before and already know each other on another other worldly level. It may be that they appear in your life when you least expect it.  Just when you have surrendered to your aloneness life says ‘okay he / she is ready now’.

Sometimes the wanting and the resistance to being alone can delay your meeting. In my case I first saw her when I was not romantically available because I was coming to the end of another relationship. When I saw her it was as if everybody else in the room became a blur of shapes and movement.  Like a camera zoomed in, only she was in focus.  But I was still emotionally and spiritually connected to another.  But life has a mysterious way of working and in a totally synchronicitous way she appeared again nine months later when I was unattached. It wasn’t as if we lived close to each other or moved in the same circles and a twin flame may live on the other side of the world but with the wonder of modern technology you will find each other if and when you are meant to.

I believe that there is more than one potential lover who we ‘fit together’ with so that we can both heal our remaining wounds and transcend into the depths of Oneness and beyond this limited human experience that is often restricted by our egoic minds and five senses. But you will not know for sure that they are a twin flame until you meet them in the flesh. I meet people who are convinced that they have met their twin but the relationship remains virtual. In my experience a day in the flesh with someone will reveal much more about the potential dynamic of the connection than months of social media interaction.  There is a magic about the physicality of meeting and this element is essential if one is to really do the healing work catalysed by a twin flame relationship. Virtual relationships can take you so far but keeping them virtual may just be a way of playing safe and not really having a deep commitment to love. If you really want to come home, which is the ultimate purpose of twin flame relationship, you need to have the courage to commit fully and you will find a way to meet.

The appearance of your twin is divinely orchestrated.  My twin later told me that she was extremely attracted to me when we first met as well.  She actually tried to initiate a second meeting but because I was unavailable I didn’t pick up on her subtle invitation and her delicate way of facilitating another meeting.  But life always knows what it is doing and the second meeting was postponed until we were both in a position to engage in the twin flame dance fully.

In my next Elephant Journal article I will introduce the third stage of conscious, romantic, twin flame relationship which is ‘The Bliss’.  Watch this space!

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